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Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Gifts & Resources for Children

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When you have a child who has loved dinosaurs for as long as Dinomite has, you become an expert on dinosaur themed gifts and resources that are available.  Here I have compiled a list of the very best (in my opinion) gifts and resources that align with Montessori principles.  You'll notice there are several inclusions that also provide a sensory experience for those who may need it.  All are fabulous additions to the home or classroom.

I don't know what life would be like without our dinosaur themed Safari Ltd. TOOBS.  They are a necessity for learning and play with a huge variety of options to appeal to your dinosaur lover.

As Dinomite started learning about other prehistoric creatures we added to our Safari Ltd. TOOB collection.  He LOVES these sets.  We get so much use out of them in and outside of the classroom.

I love wooden toys. There's just something about them.  These are my absolute favorites in the dinosaur category!

BeginAgain Tyrannosaurus Rex A to Z Puzzle Game (A Triceratops puzzle is also available.)

Holztiger Wooden Dinosaur: Brontosaurus (There are many other Holztiger wooden dinosaur toys available.)

There are so many fossil kits out there.  When we first started purchasing them the process was completely overwhelming.  Here I've narrowed the choices down to our absolute favorites.  You can't go wrong with any of these choices.

Dinomite enjoys playing and being surrounded by everything dinosaurs.  Here are some great gift ideas for your child's room that are fun and still real to life.

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex (There are many other Schleich dinosaur figures available.)

Over the past year Dinomite has started his own collection of animal teeth, claws, and fossils.  These are absolute must haves for dinosaurs lovers!  What's not to love about them?

Elenco Science Tech T-Rex Skeleton 36" Scale Replica Model (There are other Elenco Science Tech dinosaur skeletons available.)

Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth (There are other dinosaur teeth available.)

Dinomite has always been one to prefer documentaries over cartoons and fictional stories.  These are some of his absolute favorite dinosaur themed documentaries.  I must admit, some of them are really addicting.

A list of dinosaur gifts and resources wouldn't be complete without adding some sensory fidget toys.  Here is a list to meet the needs of your dinosaur lover.

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