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Montessori-inspired Astronomy Resources for Kids

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Astronomy is one of our favorite topics of study.  There's just something about it that's completely addicting.  However, there comes a point when you just can't come up with new ideas.  You can only use the old ideas so many times.  Today, I'd like to share some wonderful resources that we've found to enhance our astronomy studies.  After all, we'll be diving into the subject again this summer!

Astronomy studies can start as early as you'd like.  Even infants and toddlers can enjoy the materials below.

The Solar System Engraved Money Box / Piggy Bank is perfect for little hands.  So much hand and eye coordination and fine motor practice can occur as your child puts items into the piggy bank slot.

The Planets 101 board book is a fabulous way to introduce the planets to your little one.  It's perfect to add to their nonfiction book collection.

The Solar System Globe Mobile is perfect for your Montesori-inspired infant's room, providing the perfect amount of stimulation.

Hello, World! Solar System is another nonfiction board book you can add to your Montessori collection.  I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it over and over again.

As your child progresses to the Montessori preschool curriculum, there are so many resources available for study.

Animals in the Stars Lacing Cards are such a perfect addition to any constellation study.  They'll look beautiful on your practical life shelves.

Melissa & Doug Astronaut Role Play Costume Set can be considered for pretend play use, but in our home, costumes are the perfect way to practice practical life skills:  getting dressed, snapping, zipping, buckling, etc.  My kids are always so much more enthusiastic about attempting these tasks when the outfit is something special.

The Safari Ltd Space TOOB is a must have for any astronomy unit.  We've used ours several times.

Uncle Milton - Moon In My Room is definitely not your typical Montessori material, but I can attest, it's a great addition to any home or classroom.  Not only does it provide children with a fabulous sensory experience, but it reinforces the learning of the phases of the moon, like no other material I've found.  Bulldozer has had one in his room now for a few years and still LOVES it.

Speaking of reinforcements, how do you help your children remember what each planet looks like and it's corresponding name?  Nomenclature cards work beautifully, but it's always nice to tie in lessons in other ways.

Planet Plates can be used in practical life activities such as setting the table and washing dishes.  They can also be used as hands on materials to sequence planets, etc.  And, I must admit, they look so cool.  (Have I mentioned how much I love dinnerware and tableware before?)

Planet Bowls can be used for a number of practical life activities, as well as at meal time.  You could even use them with the plates as a matching activity.

The Planetary Glass Set is perfect for little hands in so many ways.  I can't imagine a child resisting them, as they look so appealing.

The Solar System Placemat is the perfect backdrop for the planet, plate, bowl, and glass.  Whether using it as a placemat at mealtime or a backdrop for art projects, it's a perfect way to provide visual reinforcement for all of the information your child is learning about the solar system.

Almost every astronomy unit is going to include one or more solar system/planets activities.  There are endless options out there, when it comes to finding a model and/or figures, but these are my absolute favorites.

The 4M Solar System Planetarium is by far my favorite model set.  It just seems so much sturdier and durable than the rest.

The Amlong Crystal Solar System Crystal Ball with Crystal Stand is another option when seeking a model of the planets in the solar system.  It's also absolutely beautiful.

Our Solar System Marble Set is so much fun to use.  Add play dough and a pointed object to draw circles around the sun and start to create your own solar system model.  I love how marbles can be so inviting and hands on.

The Safari Ltd Safariology The Solar System is another option, when trying to find a collection of planets in the solar system to meet your needs.

In our family, sensory activities are a part of every day Montessori.  I love it when I find theme based materials to include on our shelves.

Moon Stress Balls are great ways to strengthen muscles in the hands and fingers.  They can also help calm a child who may be anxious and/or a little too excited.

The Astronaut Fidget Toy is wooden and perfect for little hands to manipulate.  My kids LOVE keeping their hands busy with these types of fidgets.

My Little Space Mission Sandbox Play Set is the perfect sensory bin for an astronomy unit.  The best part is that it contains everything you need.

Play Visions Mondo Galactic Water Wigglies provide a sensory experience like no other.  They can be used to calm, play "I Spy" and so many other learning activities.

The Moon Teething Necklace can provide your child with the right input needed to keep them focused on tasks at hand, relieving stress and anxiety.  Again, this isn't technically a Montessori material, but I know we couldn't live without it in our Montessori classroom.

Continuing our journey through sensorial materials, the following focus on visual stimulization.  (Bulldozer craves visual stimulization often.)

The Westminster Space Shuttle Electronic Perpetual Motion is a great way to introduce topics such as gravity.  How does this model work?

The Night Lighting Lamp is a great way to introduce different types of visual stimuli, especially when it's dark outside.  It can also be used as a nightlight.

Moon And Stars Magnetic Sculptures provides both tactile and visual input as you create various sculptures as a result of the magnetic force.

The Toysmith Galaxy Kinetic Astronomy Kit is such a great way to teach about the rotation of the planets, tilts, and so much more.

Meteorite from Space, 6 to 9 pcs Campo del Cielo from Argentina with Educational Card is the perfect addition to a rock collection.  To be able to feel and see what a meteorites looks like...  It's such a great invitation to learning.

The American Educational 6 Piece Mars Rock Kit contains samples of rock that would be found on the planet Mars.  I don't know about you, but I know that's plenty enough to encourage geology studies.

The American Educational 6-Piece Moon Rock Kit includes samples of rock that would be found on the moon.  To be able to see and touch them brings on a whole new meaning to what the moon actually is.

The Meteorite Dig Kit - A Space Science Adventure by National Geographic is the perfect way to bridge astronomy and geology studies.  It provides great practical life skills practice as well.

Once you feel your kiddos are old enough and prepared, it's only natural to expand astronomy studies to include the actual study of the night sky.

The Celestron 71198 Cometron 7x50 Binoculars are an inexpensive option for budding astronomers that are light enough to carry and hold without needing more equipment.

The Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope is perfect for table top scenarios.  It's also easy to use and provides great experiences for adults and children alike.

The Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope comes with everything your child needs to study the sky.  It's also portable, which makes it so much more appealing.

The Toysmith Pocket Star Finder is definitely something you're going to want to pick up to help your budding astronomer navigate the night time sky.  It makes the experience so much more exciting.

You'll notice that this post did not contain many book recommendations.  That is because our favorites are included in another post.  The post below does not include our preschool favorites, but they will be coming this summer!

If you're looking for activity ideas and printables for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students, you'll definitely want to look through our other astronomy posts below.  

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    I love the planet bowls and the marble set. We love dig kits so I bet a meteorite one would be a huge hit.

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