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Busy Bags for Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

There are only 29 days left until our magical trip to Walt Disney World Resort!!!  

This week I've been focusing on putting together busy bags we'll need in Animal Kingdom.  

I know many people say you can see everything in less than a day at this park, but I've gotta say, this hasn't been the case as we've planned our day.  I am so worried the kiddos won't get to see and do everything they want to in Animal Kingdom.

The good news about this park is that it's full of beautiful scenery and magnificent animals, which should keep the kiddos' attention.  

There is only one small ride the kiddos want to attempt in Dinoland, besides the Kilimanjaro Safari scheduled with a fast pass in the morning.  

We have fast passes to two amazing shows:  Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo The Musical.  I can only hope we find time to see the bird show as well.  

Our evening ends with a dinner reservation at Tusker House Restaurant with Donald and Daisy Duck, two of Sunshine's favorite characters.

Busy Bags for Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

We should have loads of fun, as long as I'm prepared on this end with the things we'll need to make the day successful.  Here's what I've been working on!

Busy Bags for Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom Visual Schedule for the Day 

Visual Schedule for Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Preparing a visual schedule for the day was quite simple with scheduled fast passes and dinner reservations. 

The kiddos watched youtube videos of all of the rides and shows available at the park and selected which activities they wanted to participate in.  

Knowing that there is always a chance for schedule changes last minute, I used a ring to put the schedule together.  This way I can easily rearrange pictures if needed.  

Dinomite is my biggest animal lover.  He's been asking what types of animals he'll see in the park, so I included a short list of animals on specific rides and trails, found on Walt Disney World's website, on the back of related cards.  

The kiddos love this visual schedule and look through it on a daily basis preparing for our trip.

Safari Button Snake

Safari Button Snake

No matter which park we're in, I know I need to have busy bags on hand for Sunshine and for others if needed.  

I am so excited about this Safari Button Snake I made myself.  (This is a HUGE deal for me!)  The felt pieces are not only patterned but textured for an extra sensory experience!

African Animal Search & Find

African Animal Search and Find

All of the kiddos love search and find activities.  This little booklet is perfect to bring with us!  Finding some of the animals is quite a challenge!

Source:  The FREE printable for this activity can be found at The Helpful Garden.  I had no problems downloading and printing the booklet using Google Chrome.

Animal Shadow Match Up

Animal Shadow Match Up

It's been a while since the kiddos have worked with shadows.  In this activity Sunshine will match up animal pictures with shadows.  She'll clip matches together using the fun safari clips provided.

Source: The free animal shadow cards can be found at 3 Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Prints

Dinosaur Prints

Animal Kingdom is home to Dinoland U.S.A.  Dinomite has been very clear that he wants to look at every dinosaur figure and fossil they have there, especially Dino Sue!  (He can tell you everything about the dinosaur.  This was before we even made plans for this trip.)  

To help Sunshine during her brother's adventures, I'll bring along our Safari Ltd Dinos TOOB with some play dough.  She can have fun making dinosaur print "fossils", etc.

When busy bags aren't enough, we've come up with a couple of games to play while standing in line and/or waiting for the next activity on our schedule to begin.  

Games include:  20 Questions About Animals and Animal Charades.

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