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Renae Today: June

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My kiddos are growing up so fast.  Princess lost her first tooth in June, just a few months after Bulldozer lost his first tooth.  She was very proud!

June was the last month of our school year.  We had accumulated all of our hours and then some, so I decided to relax our schedule a bit and give our learning time room a makeover.  What I thought would take a weekend, took two weeks from beginning to end.  But, most of that two weeks was spent sorting through our learning time closet and organizing all of my shelves of supplies.
The kiddos helped with the sorting, which made the process a little less painful.
They also helped with the painting!  I must say, they did really well for their first time.
Pictures of the finished room will debuy in August!

Once a month we have grandparents come and babysit the kiddos so Jason and I can take a little break.  Grandpa Ron decided to teach the kiddos chess while he was here.  The boys both enjoy the game, but Bulldozer LOVES it.
He loves it so much that he wants to play it all the time.  The only problem is neither Jason or I play chess.  When he tries to play with Dinomite or Princess, they always fight and at least one kiddo ends up crying.
So, we've had to have Grandpa Ron come over more often to play with Bulldozer to make sure he gets his chess fix, but also so everyone can learn the rules.

Bulldozer is very big into celebrations.  He finds any excuse he can to gather people together to have fun and eat great food,  In June he decided we were going to have a Summer Celebration.  We invited quite a few people, but the end of June is a very busy time of year and only a few were able to come.  Still Bulldozer was thrilled.

Everyone met at a local park with a playground and beach.
Sunshine was thrilled Grandpa Ron came.
Princess LOVED the playground, especially the twirly slide.
Dinomite and Bulldozer enjoyed playing with one of their favorite friends.
Sunshine LOVED the chance to practice her climbing skills.
Even the littlest of friends enjoyed the playground.
Everyone LOVED "the spinning ride," as the kiddos call it.
They definitely burned some energy while playing.
After a bit of play, everyone gathered round the picnic table for summer salads, turkey sandwiches, fruits, chips and desserts.
 Everything was fantastic!
Each of the kiddos picked out a dessert to make.  Dinomite chose lemon cookies.  Bulldozer made S'mores bars.  Princess chose strawberry shortcake kabobs.  I made peach cobbler for Sunshine.
The kiddos did okay while eating, but they were so anxious to start swimming that the meal portion of our celebration was a little bit rushed.  Still they had fun.  You can see Grandma Rose at the end of the table with the kiddos.
Once to the beach area, we met up with a few more friends, who had missed the first portion of our celebration.  The kiddos swam and had a grand time.
Some preferred to be in the water, others preferred to stay at water's edge.
Bulldozer decided that this would be the year he'd finally get his head wet!
Here are a few other friends of the kiddos.
Though nap time, the little ones continued to play.
Even the littlest guy seemed to enjoy himself.
Bulldozer's celebration was a success and definitely left him wanting more celebrations.  Lol.

It just so happened that the drive-in was playing Inside Out and Jurassic World a few days after our party.  The opportunity wasn't one to be missed, so we piled all the kiddos in van, including a friend and went to the drive-in.  It was a first time for our kiddos.  Jason and I thought they'd fall asleep before Jurassic World started, but almost everyone was awake and was determined to watch it.
We packed dinner to bring with us to eat before the show started.
Everyone did so well while waiting.
Princess was particularly excited as she desperately wanted to see Inside Out.
The kiddos had a blast practicing their emotions before the show started.  Can you tell which one is which?

I worried how Sunshine would do at the drive-in, but once she was cuddled up with Mommy she did great.  She fell asleep during the first show, and again during part of the second, but settled right in again both times!
The kiddos moved to the car towards the end of first movie because they were cold and the bugs were out.  I was worried that people might not be able to see, but they all did and enjoyed the rest of the night.
Everyone was tired, but determined to finish Jurassic World.
It was definitely a night to remember!  I'm sure we'll be heading to the drive-in again when they play two different movies we want to see.

I can't forget to mention another huge accomplishment this month for one of our kiddos.  Sunshine is now putting together 12 piece puzzles!  This is HUGE and definitely not expected.  We're so proud of her!  Everyone is growing up so fast.
That's Renae today!

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