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Our Montessori Inspired Bathroom

I've had requests for more posts about our home, and how we incorporate the Montessori Method in our daily living.  

Today, I'll show you our main bathroom in the house.  

Please remember we live in a old Victorian house from the late 1800s.  

It has it's charm, but definitely has some issues.  

One of it's charms is a very large bathroom.  

Our Montessori Inspired Bathroom

Our Montessori Inspired Bathroom

Here is the view from the door.

The toilet is not super small.  

The chair is just very large.

Our Montessori Inspired Bathroom: Potty Training

Behind the shower curtain you'll find shampoo with conditioner and a bar of soap at a level where the kiddos can reach them.  

The chair next to the toilet is for help balancing when getting dressed, a dry place to put clothes, and a place for Mommy or Daddy to sit when the kiddos are taking baths.

You'll notice the toilet area is very simple.  

The toilet paper is on top of the toilet.  

We've tried all types of stands and holders, but Bulldozer has way too much fun with them.  

Less is more in this area.  

For those who are potty training, there is a seat to use, if needed.  

A stool is also available, but is stored next to the sink.  

You'll see this later.

Our Montessori Bathroom: Toilet Training

Not visible from our door is our bathroom storage area.  

Each person has a cubby, where they store their toothpaste, toothbrush, cup, brush, and misc. items. 

Towels for everyone are below and very accessible.  

The boat bins on top store the girls' hair accessories.  

The two bins in the middle of the storage cubby store extra supplies and feminine products.  

I thought about trays for each of the cubbies, however there is not much room for trays at the sink, and it only creates another thing that needs to be washed regularly, which I'm not a fan of.  

As the kiddos get older, I'm sure their cubbies will become more full. 

Right now, the cubbies only house items the kiddos can use independently.  

They do not spray detangler in their own hair, use nail polish on their own, etc.  

Those items are stored in Mommy and Daddy's room for safe keeping.

Our Montessori Bathroom: Hygiene

Behind the door kiddos can hang their towels on hooks at their level.

Our Montessori Bathroom: Hanging Towels

At the sink, you'll notice a container of soap.  

On the left side of the sink you can see a stool available for use if needed, and a small towel to wipe hands.  

A larger towel hangs on the right side of the sink for use when bathing etc.

Our Montessori Bathroom: Sink

The kiddos know when they're finished in the bathroom, that they take their dirty laundry to the appropriate place in the hallway.  

Extra toilet paper and the garbage can are stored underneath the sink for easy access when needed.

Our bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  

It's so simple and relaxing! 

The kiddos can do almost everything on their own.  

All we have left to conquer is bathing independently.  

Dinomite is almost there!

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  1. You have such a beautiful bathroom set up! Thank you for sharing!

  2. REally Great Ideas! I would like to print 1-2 pictures in my book about Montessori at home that will be published next year in Italy. There will be your name on, of course. If you are interested, please answer me. Thank you Daniela Valente @