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Summer To Do List for Tots

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I have been seeing so many Summer Bucket Lists everywhere online, and though they look fabulous and fun, most seem quite difficult to pull off with a little one in tow.  Or, they're expensive.  Sunshine is two this summer.  She can walk and run with ease.  There's not a moment she's not talking.  Her personality is such that she craves new experiences, especially those outdoors.  I want this summer to be about her.

For my first and second kiddos, I wrote so meticulously, in detail, about all of their firsts as babies and toddlers, with accompanying pictures.  My third is lucky she has a baby book, although it is not filled out in detail.  I'm still working on her first scrapbook.  And Sunshine...  I still don't have a baby book for her.  There are many pictures of her, but none are in scrapbooks.  It's amazing how life changes as more kiddos come along.

So, as summer starts this year, I've decided to create a "Summer To Do List for Tots" just for Sunshine.  It's a simple list.  Very few activities cost money at all.  Several activities take less than five minutes to complete.  All of them are about making memories with Sunshine and introducing her to a world she's just now finally ready to acknowledge and enjoy.  I can't wait to get started!  Let's hope I remember the camera, AND remember to take pictures of her in the process.
1.  Feed the ducks.
2.  Throw rocks in the water.
3.  Eat a popsicle.
4.  Go down a twisty slide.
5.  Eat an ice cream cone.
6.  Play in the sand.
7.  Dig for worms.
8.  Watch fireflies.
9.  Observe a butterfly or a bee on a flower.
10.  Have an outdoor picnic.
11.  Bite into a juicy watermelon.
12.  Water play, either in a kiddy pool or a water table.
13.  Draw with sidewalk chalk.
14.  Go to the beach.
15.  Play with seashells.
16.  Pick flowers (or dandelions).
17.  Go for a walk in the rain.
18.  Splash in puddles.
19.  Play in the mud.
20.  Drink lemonade.
21.  Kick a ball back and forth.
22.  Star gaze.
23.  Look at the clouds.
24.  Make an outdoor fort or tent using a sheet.
25.  Smell the flowers on a lilac bush, (or any other flower bush).
26.  Water flowers together.
27.  Pick a vegetable from the garden.
28.  Visit your local fire station.
29.  Go to a parade.
30.  Pick berries.
31.  Go for a nature walk (without the stroller).
32.  Go for a boat ride.
33.  Try S'mores for the first time.
34.  Visit a lighthouse.
35.  Shuck corn.

As I was thinking of ideas for summer tot activities for Sunshine, I realized that my other kiddos haven't done some of this stuff either.  At times Mommy was pregnant and miserable or we had a baby in the summer.  Other activities we haven't done because we were doing more elaborate things like water parks, carnivals, vacations etc.  I am super excited that this summer will be laid back and relaxing.  I'm sure we'll do some other special things, but for the most part, I want to concentrate on the simple things in life!

What are your favorite simple things to do with your tot during the summer?


  1. such a great collection of fun! thank you for sharing! #8 is my favourite!

  2. Great list! Thanks so much for sharing on Makeovers & Motherhood's Welcome Party Wednesday Link-Up!