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The Montessori Peace Corner

The Montessori Peace Corner is an aspect of design that is encouraged in every Montessori classroom.  Though it is not original to the Montessori Method, it has been adopted as part of the theory.

The Montessori Peace Corner can be created to meet the specific needs of students in the classroom. It can also be applied to a Montessori homeschool environment or a Montessori home in general.

Montessori Peace Corner inspiration and resources for home and school.

The Montessori Peace Corner

The Montessori Peace Corner can be particularly helpful when you have children with disabilities or special needs in the classroom or at home.  It provides a place for the child to go to calm and regulate himself when needed.

This post is filled with inspiration for your very own Montessori Peace Corner.  You will note every Montessori Peace Corner is different.

Montessori Peace Corner inspiration for home and school.

Peace Corner Inspiration at Home

If you're looking to incorporate a Montessori Peace Corner into your home environment, these ideas are sure to inspire!

1.  What Is a Montessori Peace Table?  Why Every Homeschool Should Have One from Hip Homeschool Moms

2.  Setting the Peace Table:  Children & Conflict Resolution from I Heart Montessori

3.  Montessori How-To: Peace Corner & Calming Jar from Montessori Rocks

4.  Cultivating Emotional Intelligence from PreK+K Sharing

5.  Our Peace Corner from Rivendell Academy

6.  Montessori Peace Corner from Montessori Nature

7.  Our Peaceful Space from Counting Coconuts

8.  The Peace Corner and Other Problem Solving Techniques from How We Montessori

9.  Our Peace Corner from Montessori en Casa

Peace Corner Inspiration at School

If you're looking for resources when creating a Montessori Peace Corner in an educational environment, these posts are very inspiring!

1.  How to Prepare a Montessori Peace Corner from Living Montessori Now

2.  Peace from Montessori Child

3.  Peace from The Work Plan

4.  Peace Education from Carrots Are Orange

Our Montessori peace corner at home.

Our Peace Corner

Our Montessori Peace Corner was created to meet the various needs of our children with disabilities and special needs. 

It contains a comfortable place that is dark and quiet if needed.  Each child has a bin for their sensory oriented anxiety kit.  Each kid also includes at least one book.

Children's books about peace

Books About Peace

In many peace corners teachers and parents may choose to have books about peace for children to read and look through.  Looking at a book that encourages peace can help a child calm down when upset. 

These are some of our favorite books about peace.

1.  The Peace Rose

2.  Whoever You Are

3.  Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace

4.  Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts About Peace

5.  A Handful of Quiet

6.  The Peace Book

7.  Our Peaceful Classroom

8.  What Does Peace Feel Like?

9.  A Little Peace

10.  Can You Say Peace?

11.  Peace is an Offering

12.  Peace

The Montessori Peace Corner is such a crucial part of the Montessori set up that promotes emotional regulation. If you don't have one in your Montessori home or classroom, I hope this post inspires you to add one.

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The Montessori Peace Corner:  Inspiration and Resources

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