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Free Christmas Shopping Planner Flip Book for Kids

It's tradition in our family that I take each of the kiddos out Christmas shopping for everyone on their lists.  We go out to eat and have a delightful time together.  I look forward to these Christmas dates every year.  My favorite part is learning what each kiddo would like to give to others.  They put so much thought and effort into the process and work hard to overcome any obstacles in their way.

  • Some relatives and friends are easier to buy for than others.
  • The process of giving a gift may require learning the interests and hobbies of others.  
  • There are budget constraints.
  • A gift a kiddo is looking for may not be available.

I've created the Free Christmas Shopping Planner Flip Book for Kids to help with all of the details of gift giving.  The kiddos fill out a page for each person they need to buy for.  Whether they draw pictures or write in the boxes, the planner works well.  Visual cues are given in each box, for those who don't read yet.
Free Christmas shopping planner flip book for kids.
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Christmas Shopping Planner Flip Book Details

The Christmas shopping planner is so helpful to use during the holiday season, especially when you have multiple kiddos.  Each page includes four boxes where your child writes or draws important information.

  • Name of the person they're buying for
  • The recipient's interests
  • Budget for gift(s)
  • Gift that your kiddo wants to and/or ultimately chooses to give recipient.  

Before Shopping Begins

The Christmas shopping planner for kids works great before the shopping begins.   You can use it to:

  • Map out shopping plans and routes with your kiddo
  • Provide preparatory visual cues for your Christmas shopping experience
  • Review the names of family members and friends for whom gifts will be purchased
  • Encourage social skills related to Christmas
  • Help children learn to think about others during the Christmas season, specifically their likes and interests.

While Shopping

The Christmas shopping planner for kids serves as the ultimate Christmas shopping list while going from store to store.

  • It fits into any purse or small bag.  
  • Your child can bring along a pen or pencil to put a check by each gift that's purchased.  
  • The back of each page can be used to work out any math problems that are necessary.

When Shopping is Finished

The Christmas shopping planner for kids continues to be helpful once the shopping is complete.

  • It's a great way to keep track of which gift goes to which person.
  • Your child can hold on to it as a keepsake and reminder of special time spent with a parent and/or all they gave to others for Christmas.
  • For those with Christmas anxieties, it can be used as a visual cue and reminder of completed tasks when needed.

During a season filled with stress and extra chaos, it's always nice to have resources available that help families stay organized, provide learning experiences, and encourage friendship and bonding, while providing a little extra support when needed.  The Free Christmas Shopping Planner Flip Book for Kids is exactly that!

For your free copy, click on the link below.

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