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Home Decor Gift Ideas for Moms of Special Needs Children

The gift giving season is here.  My husband, kiddos, and a few others have been asking what they can give me for Christmas.  

In an effort to help my stress level and the overall functioning of our household, I have embraced minimalism this year. I'm not finished going through our home, sorting and dumping, but I'm about 75% finished.

Sunshine's behaviors are extremely challenging.  Her rages, aggression, destructive tendencies, and sensory sensitivities have caused us to make some major changes to our home environment.  Princess' Holiday-related trauma issues have also prompted changes in our home.

We're in the process of renovating the downstairs living space with new furniture, paint, flooring, decor and more. 

So with all of these factors in mind, I bring you Home Decor Gift Ideas for Moms of Special Needs Children!  
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Ideas are presented by room and holiday.  Happy shopping!
Living room decor ideas

Set of  2 Artisanal Wall-Mount Pillar Holders
When it's impossible to use lamps due to safety issues, wall mounted candle holders without glass are the next best thing!

2 Ivory 3x6'' Pillar Candles or Flameless Candles
Candles provide a source of light if the power goes out.  They help invite calm (especially after the kiddos go to bed).  And when they're flameless, they can be used any time and be safe.

Cherry Red Classic Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Indoor/Outdoor pillows have no buttons, snaps, zippers, sequins, beads, or anything else that the kiddos might try to tear apart.  They are the perfect way to decorate for the seasons and holidays with special needs kiddos in mind.

Solid Cherry Red Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Red indoor/outdoor pillows are perfect for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

White Spike Coral
This decoration matches our summertime, kid friendly living room decor.  Placed on our heavy duty shelf out of kiddos' reach, it will be safe and beautiful.

Succulent & Stone Arrangement
Faux plants with unbreakable bases are the perfect alternative to live plants that special needs kiddos may destroy, especially when you choose a place to keep them that's too high for them to reach.

Home office product ideas

Espresso Stain Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar
This calendar can't be torn, pulled off the wall, or used for any other destructive purposes without some serious effort being put in.

24'' Top Display Rod (Required for Calendar)
This rod is needed to hang the magnetic whiteboard calendar and is what makes it so difficult for the kiddos to destroy.

Espresso Stain Office Organizer
If writing tools are stored out of reach, and in a holder that can't be thrown or destroyed, everyone's happy!

12'' Top Display Rod (Required for Organizer)
This rod is needed to hang the office organizer and is what makes it so difficult for the kiddos to destroy.

3 Drawer File Cabinet
Filing cabinets that lock are our friends, especially with a little girl who is obsessed with paper and will do anything to get her hands on some.

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches
We use these laminating pouches for everything from daily work activities to visual schedules and flip books.  I don't know what we'd do without them!

Kitchen gift ideas for Mom

Horizontal Finley Row of Hooks

This is the perfect row of hooks to store everyone's aprons, so they're not slamming cupboard drawers.

Claret Stripe Adult Apron
When cooking and baking with special needs children an apron is always an essential item, especially one two love to watch flour fly through the air.

The Apple Lover's Cookbook
All four special needs kiddos love apples.  I need more recipes that everyone can enjoy!

Betty Crocker 3-tier Oven Rack
Cooking for kiddos with special dietary needs takes time and space.  This will help so much when it comes to using the oven.

Set of Six Classic Acrylic 6.5'' Tumblers
Glass tumblers just don't work in this house anymore.  We need acrylic ones for safety reasons.

Vintage Blacksmith Flatware Caddy
Silverware can be used as a weapon at any time. With this handy storage caddy, it can be put away and pulled out when needed.
Bathroom decor ideas

Gray Mist Marlow Shower Curtain
When your shower curtain was second hand ten years ago and is faded, see through and torn, you know you need a new one.

Gray Mist Marlo Bath Rug 27x45''
Bath mats only last so long when they are peed on regularly.  Definitely a need!

Bathroom Wall Art, Set of 3

This is such a perfect visual for the kiddos to help with morning and nighttime routines.

Mercer Standing Paper Storage
To find a toilet paper holder that will out last four special needs kiddos is quite difficult. But I think I've done it with this one!

Polished Nickel Finish Covington Multi-Hook
We always need extra towels on hand downstairs for spills, clean up, etc. yet we have such a small space.  This set of hooks works perfect!

2 Hammered Nickel Toothbrush Holders
Kiddos often brush their teeth downstairs. With narrow shelves and little hands, it's important to have toothbrush holders that work effectively and won't break.

Bedroom product recommendations

Ivory Queen Sized 300-Thread-Count Sheet Set
When you have kiddos sleeping in your bed at night, it's always important to have at least one extra pair of sheets, especially when the ones you have are almost 11 years old and see through.

Cream Queen Sized Solid Flannel Sheet Set
In an old house with old windows, flannel sheets are a must especially when kiddos sleep with you and steal the covers.

Queen Sized Waterproof Mattress Pad
A new waterproof mattress pad will protect our bed from pee, vomit, or any other liquids that may spill as the kiddos sleep with us.  Our current one is filled with holes, as it should be, at 10 years old.

Black Peyton Leaner Floor Mirror
A full length mirror is safe and enjoyable when hung and hidden away in a closet that has been cleaned out.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer
When shoes become weapons, it's important to have them stored out of sight behind closed closet doors.

4 Medium Havana Underbed Baskets
Under the bed storage is the best, especially when a bed ruffle hides it so kiddos don't know it's there.

Nonscary Halloween Decor ideas
Halloween comes in second when ranking  the kiddos' favorite holidays.  They insist that we decorate.  But, finding home decor that's not frightening or inappropriate can be difficult.  The items here go perfectly with our Witches and Wizards themed Halloween celebration.

Halloween Countdown Wall Calendar
Countdowns are crucial to help with the kiddos' anxiety and trauma issues.

Witch Laundry Line Wall Hanging Kit
A decoration that can be hung out of reach, that's not frightening, is the best!

More Than Candy Halloween Box Sign Art
Wooden box decorations are always great because they're hard to break, and they can be placed anywhere, including out of reach places.

Halloween Flicker Candelabra
What's a Witches and Wizard's Halloween party without a candelabra? This one is safe for everyone.

Quote from Harry Potter on Plaque
Harry Potter and Halloween are synonymous in this house.  This is such a great reminder for our special needs kiddos that all we need is a little light.

Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Mugggles Tolerated Doormat
I am always in need of a doormat, especially when it comes to wiping all of the kiddos' feet.

Nutcracker gift ideas for Moms

Due to Princess' PTSD and other trauma related issues at Christmas time, our holiday focus is the story of the Nutcracker instead of Santa Claus.  The more nutcracker items in the house, the safer Princess feels.  When Princess feels safe, I can relax and enjoy the holiday.  Items below are some we'd love to add to our collection.

Christmas Tree with Nutcracker Snow Globe
This beautiful snow globe will look fabulous on one of our out of reach shelves this holiday season.

Nutcracker Rectangular Platter
When we're hosting holiday festivities there's always a need for a platter, especially one as beautiful as this.

Kurt Adler Resin Nutcracker Suite Ornament Set
The nutcracker is not everyone's favorite character in the famous story.  We need to include everyone on our Christmas tree!

Dance Ornaments Set of 4
Let's not forget about the famous dancers in the Nutcracker Ballet!  (They're my favorite!)

Nutcracker Suite Ballet Mother Ginger Ornament
Last but not least we must include Mother Ginger.

Nutcracker Door Mat
As I've said before, we're always in need of a doormat.  The Christmas season is no exception.

Patriotic decor ideas
After Christmas, my favorite holidays include Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  We make sure to celebrate every year.  Once again, the kiddos have requested decorations.  The ones selected here are those I know will be safe and appropriate in our home, and also enjoyable for me!

Patriotic Box Sign
As I've mentioned before, box signs are a safe way to decorate, especially in high places  I just love the message on this one.

American Flag Tablecloth
This tablecloth matches napkins that Jason purchased for me a couple years ago and would look beautiful on our table during Patriotic celebrations and festivities.

No Greater Love Wooden Plock
Yet another box sign idea!

American Flag Wood Frame
This frame will look beautiful displayed high out of the kiddos' reach.

Old Glory Wood Frame
Frames always look best in sets of two.

2x3' Stars and Stripes Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Rugs are such great ways to decorate when safety is an issue.

When you are a parent of special needs kids, decorating your house with beautiful and safe items can be a serious challenge. Luckily, with some creativity and a minimalist eye, it can be done. Happy shopping!

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