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Zoo Scavenger Hunts (Free Printables)

A trip to the zoo can go from great to spectacular when using our Montessori-inspired Zoo Scavenger Hunts! These are free printables that everyone can enjoy!

My kiddos love the zoo, especially Dinomite.  He would live there if we let him.  However, one thing my kiddos aren't good at is slowing down and taking their time, especially at places like the zoo.  

That is, unless they have a project while they're there, that requires them to read every sign and study every animal.  These Montessori-inspired Zoo Scavenger Hunts work great for that!  

They invite so much learning and go perfect with our study of animals right now.  All you need is a pencil and a Letter Size Clipboard.  

FREE Montessori-inspired Zoo Scavenger Hunt

FREE Zoo Scavenger Hunts

I made several different variations of the scavenger hunts to use on our trips to the zoo.  

One of my very favorites and probably one of the easiest to complete is our continent themed scavenger hunt.  If your child can read, they should be able to do this.  My kiddos loved it.

For those who prefer more of a challenge, try our habitat themed scavenger hunt.  

Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess have completed this one.  

It was by far the most challenging for them, and wasn't complete until about 2 minutes before leaving the zoo to go home.  Still they thoroughly enjoyed it!  

If your child is just learning ways to classify animals, this animal themed scavenger hunt may be perfect.  Bulldozer really liked this one because it was very specific and didn't require too much work on his part.  Lol.

Besides geography, culture, and zoology themed scavenger hunts, I designed sensorial based ones.

Sensorial Animal Observations and Zoo Scavenger Hunt

The first sensorial scavenger hunt has a visual theme of colors.  One may think this would be easy, but you'd be surprised how hard you must look to find all the animal colors listed in this hunt.

And then we move on to touch! Oh how my kiddos enjoy touching animals!

Zoo Scavenger Hunt: Animal Touch and Textures

Depending on the day you go to the zoo will  determine how successful you will be at completing the touch themed scavenger hunt.  

Some days we've gone and not been able to touch a thing.  On other days we've visited, we've had many opportunities to touch animals, skins, etc.  

If nothing else, this scavenger hunt can be ongoing until all of the categories are filled in.

Finally, we also created a sound themed zoo scavenger hunt.  

My kiddos go on and on about volume and sounds of some of the animals they've seen and heard at the zoo.  

I'll always remember the day the zoo had just added a new monkey to an area.  He was so loud we all had to cover our ears.  

Another time we heard the lions roaring.  It was such a special experience.  

Like the touch themed scavenger hunt, this one may need to be completed over time, but it will definitely encourage quiet voices and listening, which is always nice!

Besides the scavenger hunts shown above, you will also see two scavenger hunts designed for children who are unable to write yet.  These were created for Sunshine.  She drew pictures as we went along on our last zoo trip.

For those of you interested in a free copy of the zoo scavenger hunts follow the directions below. The Zoo Scavenger Hunts are a Subscriber's Only Freebie.  

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Zoo Scavenger Hunts (Free Printable)


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