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Montessori-inspired Shark Resources, Activities and Printables

For some, Shark Week may not be considered a holiday or special occasion but in our house it's nothing less!  We all love it.  It only seemed appropriate to create a Montessori-inspired Shark Resources, Activities and Printables page.  That way all of our fun shark themed posts are in one place for easy access and enjoyment.

Here you'll find:
  • Learning Activities
  • Free Printables
  • Book Recommendations
  • Gift Ideas
  • Montessori-inspired Shark Unit Syllabus

Montessori-inspired Learning Activities and Printables

Every summer my kiddos ask for Montessori-inspired shark activities to go along with Shark Week.  We've built up quite a collection over the years.  If you're looking for education activities and printables for your kiddos, you're sure to find something here.  Activities and printables have been created for children ages 2 to 10 years old.
Shark Unit 2 with Free Printables Shark Activities for Tots and Preschoolers Montessori-inspired Shark Themed Practical Life Activities Shark Unit 1 Shark Activities for Tots

Children's Books

My kiddos love books, especially shark themed books.  Dinomite collects them.  If you have a shark lover on your hands too and are looking for a fantastic book as a gift or to grab from the library, these are our favorites!
Montessori-inspired Children's Books About Sharks

Gifts and Resources for Kids

When it comes time to shop for birthdays and Christmas, I always have success purchasing items related to favorite interests of my kiddos.  Dinomite and Bulldozer both love sharks.  Here are our favorite shark themed gifts.

Many of these items can also be used in the classroom or other learning environment.  It is always so nice to have hands on resources.

Shark Gifts and Resources for Children

Montessori-inspired Unit Syllabus

If you are looking for Montessori-inspired unit studies to implement at home, this syllabus can be so helpful with an outline of activities to use in each subject area along with links to all of the printables, all gathered in one place for easy access and organization.
Montessori-inspired Shark Unit Syllabus
We are so excited for Shark Week again coming soon! Stay tuned for updates to this page, as we'll be sure to add more shark activities, printables and more.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this!! Your an inspiration to me I can one day be this far along with my montessori lessons also. Belle from Townsville Australia mum of Troy 7yr and Joel 5 yrs.