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Plant Activities and Free Printables

Plant activities and free printables for kids can lead to such a love and appreciation for the environment.

They help children understand things that are living that go beyond people and animals. 

The study of botany can help improve moods and overall health, especially when you add outside hand on components that include working in soil.

This page contains all of the plant activities and free printables at Every Star Is Different in one place for easy access.

Plant Activities and Free Printables

All you need to do is click on the images below and you will be taken directly to the resources shown. 

We hope you enjoy all of these activities and free printables as much as we have!

Plant Activities and Free Printables

Whether you're looking for plant activities and free printables related to seasons, holidays, or topics, you'll find what you're looking for below!

Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables Flower Activities for Kids with Free Printables FREE Life Cycle of a Peach Printable Pack Montessori Chinese New Year Activities for Preschoolers Christmas Tree Activities for Tots and Preschoolers  Montessori-inspired Plant Activities Fall Harvest Unit Autumn Leaves Unit Apple Unit 2Earth Unit Tree Activities Fruit Unit Vegetable Garden Unit Flower Unit The Giving Tree Thanksgiving Insect Unit for Tots Easter Activities St. Patrick's Day & More The World Around MeEaster 

Other Plant Resources

Over the years, due to Sunshine's passion for botany, we've built up quite a collection of plant books and resources for kids.

If you're looking for a gift or classroom resource, we highly recommend the products mentioned in these posts.

  Montessori-inspired Botany Gifts and Resources for Kids Montessori-inspired Children's Books about Plants

More Plant Printables

We have also created more plant printables available in our shop. 

These are by far our best resource related to plants.

Montessori-inspired Intro to Biology Printable Pack Bundle Composting Printable Pack Pollination Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Botany Printable Pack

Botany, the study of plants is truly magnificient!

Plant Activities and Free Printables

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