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Mood Disorder Support and Resources

It is very rare for a young child to be diagnosed with a mood disorder.  

One could say it's quite crazy actually, but it does happen.  

Our sweet Sunshine was diagnosed at age four by her developmental pediatrician.  

The developmental pediatrician has worked with Sunshine since she was two years old, seeing her regularly every three months.

The diagnosis took two years of:
  • Observation
  • Documenting behavioral patterns
  • The elimination of every other possible reason behind the behaviors and lack of sleep
  • Introduction and success of medication
  • Gathering a genetic history of birth parents
All factors pointed directly to a mood disorder.  

And so we have embarked on a journey to help Sunshine as much as we can, advocating for her along the way.  

We want to be a voice for her and all children who suffer from mood disorders.  

This is why we have created our Mood Disorder Support and Resources page.  

No one should have to face this journey alone.

Mood Disorder Support and Resources

This page contains all of our mood disorder support and resources and will be updated regularly to reflect our most recent posts.  Enjoy!

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Mood Disorder Support and Resources

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