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Children's Book Recommendations

We love books.  They are open everywhere in our home at all times of day (and night).  Reading is also a very important part of our school day.  Each unit study includes new books in our reading corner, borrowed from our local library.  Then the kiddos have their reading lists that they work through each school year.

It would be impossible to share all of the wonderful books we read at home, but this page includes a collection of our favorite children's book recommendations.  It is updated regularly.  So if you are in need of a great children's book, be sure to take a look!
Children's Book Recommendations

Books By Theme

Each of our Montessori-inspired unit studies is presented with a new set of children's books in our reading corner borrowed from our local library to match the theme of what we're learning.  The kiddos love them.  The books are such a great supplement to our activities on the shelves.  They also provide a way for the kiddos to learn, even when they're having a bad day and not functioning at their best.
Children's Books About Plants Children's Books About the Universe Children's Books About Earth and Prehistoric Life Children's Books About Mammals Children's Books About Birds Children's Books About Frogs and Toads Children's Books About Dinosaurs Children's Books About Fish Children's Books About Sharks Children's Books About Insects Children's Books About Camping 10 Amazing Children's Books About Apples

Books By Grade Level

Once all of our children were able to read, we started introducing book lists.  Each year they're given a list of fifteen books and are required to read ten of them by the end of the school year.  They can choose whichever books they'd like from the lists and read them at their pace.  As each new school years begin, you can look forward to new lists.

1st Grade

1st Grade Reading List

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Reading List

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Reading List Chapter Book Recommendations for 3rd Graders

4th Grade

Chapter Book Recommendations for 4th Graders

5th Grade

Chapter Book Recommendations for 5th Graders

Read Aloud

It is a long standing tradition that everyday at lunch we gather together as a family and read a book from our read aloud list for the school year.  The kiddos look forward to this treasured time everyday.  We have laughed and we have cried. So many amazing discussions have resulted from this special tradition.  
Read Aloud List for School Year Lower Elementary reading List for 2015-2016
Children's book recommendations for home and in the classroom

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