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Autism Support and Resources

There are four members of our family diagnosed with autism.  

Jason, my husband and father to my children, was diagnosed as an adult, after we completed our family.  

Our two sons, Dinomite and Bulldozer, were diagnosed at the ages of 4 and 3 respectively.  

Our adopted daughter Sunshine was also diagnosed at the age of 3.

We love each and every member of our family.

We love what autism brings to our lives.

But, this does not mean that there aren't challenges along the way, just like there are challenges in every family, whether members are autistic or not.

Here on our Autism Support and Resources page, we share our journey, experiences (good and bad), best tips and resources, and our love.  

We hope you find these resources helpful.

Autism Supports and Resources

Our Views on Autism

Before we share stories and discuss resources, we find it important to explain our view on autism. Through these articles you can get to know us and decide if in fact you will find our resources helpful.

What I Wish I'd Known When My Child was Diagnosed with AutismIt's Time to Have a Serious Talk About Autism

Help for Caregivers Navigating Autism

Navigating help and resources can be extremely difficult and overwhelming when trying to help an autistic child.  

Things become more complicated when you are brand new to the autism world, professionals are recommending several forms of help, and you don't understand anything that anyone is saying.

All you know is that you want to help your autistic child be the best he can be.  

We hope these articles help you during that process.

Dressing Supports and Resources for Kids A Storm Kit for Kids A Sick Kit for Kids Christmas Sensory Kit Ideas for Kids and Teens 8 Differences Between RAD Fits and Autism Meltdowns How to Create and Use an Emotional Regulation Chart Breathing Exercises for Kids with Free Printables 6 Ways to Help a Family Going through a Mental Health Emergency 8 Important Facts Parents Need to Know About the IEP Process How to Document Your Child's Behaviors Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation Resources Physical Boundaries and Consent Activities for Kids A guide to pediatric specialists Preparing for an appointment with a developmental pediatrician Diagnosis Day The Choice to Medicate Your Special Needs ChildA Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Neurodivergent Child  How to Teach Children About Their Changing Bodies and Sexual Education Family Routines: Our Visual Schedule How to Make An Apology for Kids with Visuals 4 Reasons Children Struggle with Table Manners How to Help a Child with Constipation A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: A Little Girl's Bedroom How to Help Your Autistic Child Play Board Games Successfully 5 Ways to Connect with an Autistic Child When You're Apart Anger Management for Kids How to Help My Child Want to Try New Foods Four Prompts to Encourage Mindfulness in Children Montessori Floor Bed for Baby The Montessori Floor Bed and Special Needs Passion, pizza, strokes, and perseverance Autism and Montessori Practical Life 4 Steps to Managing Aggressive Behaviors A Day in the Life of a Montessori Family with Special Needs  When food is your child's enemy Homeschooling My Autistic Child

Marriage and Autism

I have always said that the positive outweighs the negative when it comes to being married to an autistic man.  So many things that I love about my husband are a result of his autism.  

This doesn't mean that we don't have challenges though.  We work extremely hard to make our marriage the best it can possibly be.

We are excited to share our journey with you in hopes that it can inspire and help during challenging times.

A Day in the Life of My Autistic Husband Why Do I Stay Married to an Autistic Person? One Sure Way to Improve Couples Communication with ADHD and Autism Overcoming Struggles with Autism I Think My Husband Has Autism

Our Favorite Things

Throughout the years we've discovered items we definitely can't live without.  These are those items!  We know they won't work for everyone, but we do hope they inspire ideas that will help your family needs.

  Visual Stimuli Resources for Kids Ocean Themed Sensory Resources for Kids Must Have Fidget Toys Auditory Sensory Resources for Children Gift Ideas for Aggressive Kids Who Rage Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Baby Dolls Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Princesses Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Star Wars Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Animals Sensory resources for children who need to chew

FREE Autism Printables


Sometimes printables are the exact resource you need to work through a challenge related to autism.  Here are ones we've created over the years that we highly recommend.

  FREE Toilet Training Visual Supports for Kids Breathing Exercises for Kids with FREE Printables 4 Reasons Children Struggle with Table Manners FREE Four Prompts to Mindfulness Visuals The Problem with Saying You're Anti-ABA Physical Boundaries and Consent for Kids Charting the ABCs of Behavioral Analysis Free Christmas Shopping Planner Free Christmas Visual Schedule for Kids Special Needs Event Planner Trick-or-treating social story Incident Questionnaires for Parents of Special Needs Children Airport Preparation Unit Airplane Unit

Our Crazy Adventures

Some may believe that autism limits a family's ability to have fun. We're here to prove this theory wrong!  Here are details about our fun and crazy adventures, including the good, the bad, and in between.

8 Tips for Attending a Hot Air Balloon Festival with Special Needs Our First Camping Trip  A visit to Legoland with special needsWalt Disney World Vacation Day 1 Walt Disney World Vacation Day 2 Walt Disney World Day 3 Walt Disney World Vacation  Day 4 Walt Disney World Day 5 Walt Disney World Day 6 Walt Disney World Vacation Day 7 

Posts Written by an Autistic Adult

Though my autistic husband isn't the biggest fan of writing posts, I have been able to encourage him to write the posts below.  We hope that reading an autistic adult's perspective may help parents of children with autism.

How can I help my autistic child prepare for a career How can I help my autistic child prepare for higher education?  How do I handle my child's defiant behaviors? How can I help my child with transitions? How can I better prepare my child for unexpected changes routines and schedules?  

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