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Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle

When it comes to science topics in a classroom or at home, I can think of none other more popular than astronomy.

There's just something about studying the sun, moon, planets and stars that fascinates children.  Some, like my Bulldozer become more than obsessed and beg for more on a regular basis.

The problem is there isn't much out there past the phases of the moon, star constellations, planet cards, and an activity or two about the earth and other planets moving around the sun.

That changes now!

The Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle is 400 pages of resources!

It is designed for children in preschool and elementary school.

The contents of this bundle can last years depending on the age of your child and just how obsessed they become with the topic.

Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle

What you'll get in the Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle:


  • Includes charts and cards about the two life cycles of a star
  • Emphasizes that every star is different and how it's measured by size, color, density, etc
  • Provides opportunities to learn about stars through various subject areas including language, math, science and culture


    • Provides opportunities to learn about the benefits and dangers of the sun and how we can stay safe
    • Includes activities that teach the layers and special features of the sun including it's composition and details about solar eclipses
    • Encourages the celebration of trips around the moon with a beautiful printable to be used at home or in the classroom


    • Includes a chart and sequence of a full lunar eclipse
    • Explains the layers of the moon and it's composition
    • Provides many opportunities to practice writing through moon phase word strips and book creations


    • Planets are broken down and sorted by size, order, group, and more
    • Includes weather and geological event cards for each planet
    • Encourages exploration of the entire solar system including dwarf planets, asteriods, and comets

    There are over 400 pages of printables included!

    As an additional bonus you will receive the following printable pack:

    Montessori-inspired Space Exploration Printable Pack

    • Includes nomenclature cards and description cards for famous astronomers throughout history
    • Focuses on vehicles used in space
    • Introduces children to satellites and more!

    If you'd like to see what others are saying about the Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle, read the reviews below.

    "I love the layout and organization of this resource."
    -Kathie B.

    "My kids are REALLY into astronomy right now. This bundle is so in depth it covers things I would have never thought to have made myself. Hands down worth every cent! Can't wait to use this for our space unit. "
    -Alicia J.

    "I am really looking forward to using these resources with my kiddos. I love that we can continue to use them in so many different ways as they grow and learn."
    -Twin Wrens Learning

    "Thanks for sharing this awesome bundle. There is so much information here presented in an engaging way. I am learning from this and I know my kids will love it too."

    If you'd like to see the bundle in action, check out the posts below.

    This bundle is not available at this time, but you can purchase all of the components of the bundle separately by clicking the images below.

    Montessori-inspired Stars Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Moon Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack
    Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle

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    1. Is there any chance of your continent bundle going on sale again anytime soon??? I forgot to get that one in time!