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Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Boys

Bulldozer is growing up so fast. It seems that I blinked and he's become a young man. My cuddle bug is now a teenager! I still can't believe it.

Thankfully Bulldozer is one who wants to remain as young as possible for as long as he can. His wish list this Christmas reflects that which I absolutely love.

I couldn't resist sharing his list, just in case others are looking for gift ideas for 13 year old boys in their lives, especially those who aren't in such a rush to grow up.

Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Boys

Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Boys

Bulldozer is always my hardest and most difficult to buy for during the holiday season. He likes what he likes, and is so very specific about what he wants. I'd be so lost without his list each year. 

When I saw this year's wish list I was so excited. Not only is everything under $50, but he wants some pretty awesome items!

1. Marvel Studios Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Blu-ray

Bulldozer LOVES all things Marvel. We own every single Marvel movie rated PG-13 or lower, except this one. It will be a wonderful addition to our  collection. I can't wait to watch it with him!

2. BENGOO Gaming Headset in Purple

Dinomite has owned a gaming headset for quite some time.  Bulldozer has admired it and expressed a desire to have his own.  When he realized he could choose a headset with lights and one that would come in purple (his favorite color), he was all in.

I'm excited that if both of the boys have gaming headsets with microphones, they won't be so loud as they play.  Lol.

3. 2021 Score NFL Football Collection 4 Pack

Dinomite's passion for football has rubbed off on Bulldozer. Not only does Bulldozer enjoy playing the sport, but he also loves to collect football cards. Apparently these cards are exactly what he needs.

4. Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy

The only thing I know Bulldozer loves as much as Marvel is Star Wars. He has collected so many books over the years, but when a new one comes out, he HAS to have it.  Battles are particularly interesting and fun for Bulldozer as he craves visual stimulation.  

I foresee a lot of reenactments with LEGO characters as Bulldozer goes through this book.

5. LEGO Minecraft: The Ruined Portal 21172

Bulldozer's wish list wouldn't be complete without at least one LEGO set on it. This year his top pick is a Minecraft set. Minecraft is something that Bulldozer thoroughly enjoys and loves to talk about with friends.

6. The 50 Most Unique Roller Coasters Ever Built

One thing many may not know about Bulldozer is that he is very passionate about rollercoasters.  Yes, he rides some, but it's not riding them that he loves so much. It's learning about what makes a rollercoaster a rollercoaster, for better or for worse. When Bulldozer saw this book, he just HAD to have it. 

7. Martha Stewart's New Pies and Tarts Cookbook

Bulldozer has the biggest sweet tooth in the house. He knows that every Sunday I bake a special treat and always wants to be prepared with new recipes to try. 

Already Bulldozer has Martha Stewart's cookie and cake books. It makes perfect sense that he'd also want the pie and tart recipe book.

8. The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel: The Lost Stories Collection

Bulldozer's favorite book series from this past year is The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. He's read all six books in the series and still craving more. 

When he saw this lost stories collection, he was so excited.  It looks like a fabulous addition to his collection.

9. Disney's Jungle Cruise Blu-ray

Bulldozer is my movie buff. When he sees a movie come out with at least one of his favorite actors/actresses, he has to watch it. This is the case with Jungle Cruise and Dwayne Johnson. I'm hoping he'll thoroughly enjoy it.

10. LEGO Marvel Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186

When making this wish list I tried to limit Bulldozer to only one LEGO set, but when he showed me this one, I couldn't not say no.  I mean, come on! We're talking about Black Panther here! You can't go wrong.

11. Minnesota Vikings Men's Slippers Size 9-10

Bulldozer has extra wide feet that tend to get very cold in the winter.  We've tried different styles of slippers, but he always feels they're too tight. This is why we're now going with the slide on appeal. 

Add the Minnesota Vikings to any apparel and Bulldozer is in love. Not only do the slippers have his favorite NFL logo on them, but they're also his favorite color!

12. Nerf SurgeFire Elite Blaster

One can never have enough Nerf guns according to Adam, especially when going against his big brother Dinomite. This is the latest one he wants to add to his collection.  I love that it takes the smallest size bullets.

If you have a fun loving kid like Bulldozer, I hope these gift ideas for 13 year old boys are helpful. I am very much looking forward to doing some shopping using this wish list!

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