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The ABCs of Montessori and Special Needs Community on Facebook

Have you been looking for a positive and uplifting group on Facebook dedicated to Montessori and special needs?  Do you have questions and concerns?  Perhaps you're looking for support and encouragement?  Or maybe you just need a new friend who's journey is similar to yours?

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Well, look no further!  The ABCs of Montessori and Special Needs Community on Facebook is here!  The group was inspired by my new book and the overwhelming response I have received in questions from readers.

What the group is about

The group is for parents and teachers of children with special needs who are using the Montessori Method at home and in the classroom.  Discussions in the group have a Montessori focus, providing support and encouragement for all who are there.

We have a very strict kindness policy:  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  Every child with special needs is different, as is every parent and teacher.  Those in the group are expected to be respectful.  All rude or judgmental comments will be deleted.  The person who wrote them will be banned.

More than anything my husband and I want this group to be a safe place for parents and teachers to learn and grow.  We look forward to hearing about successes and providing support during difficult times.

There will be an educational component to the group as we discuss topics from my book and focus on specific aspects of the Montessori curriculum in relation to special needs.  We will also talk about Montessori materials and how to best use them with children who have special needs.

What the group is NOT

This group is NOT a place to discuss controversial subjects related to special needs such as medications, diets, and/or vaccines.

This group is NOT a place to give or receive health advice.

This group is NOT a place to discuss politics and how they relate to special needs.

This group is NOT a place for child, parent or teacher bashing.

You're invited!

If you feel this group is for you, then we invite you to join now by clicking the link below.

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