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Non Toy Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Boys

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Dinomite's birthday is in January, but we rarely have a gathering with extended family at that time because of weather, travel, and the fact that we've just had Christmas.  For the past few years, he's celebrated his birthday with his brother.  Such will also be the case this year.  And then the wishlist will carry over to Christmas as well.

Dinomite has embraced the non toy wish list this year, knowing he doesn't have room for anything else in his room and he doesn't want to part with anything he has.  So, I give you Dinomite's list, which he put together all by himself.  (He loves window shopping on Amazon.)

Dinomite has always loved dinosaurs and I believe he always will.  It's just who he is.  Here are his favorite picks this year!  

DVD: Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie (Purchased)

Dinomite's love of birds is so contageous.  He LOVES bird watching and is always on the look out for new birds, trying to memorize their songs etc.  One can never be surrounded by too many birds.

Lyric Identiflyer (Purchased)

Book: Extreme Birds

Backyard Bird Flashcards

Audobon Songbirds Calendar

Hopper Feeder with Suet Cages

Book: Birds of Paradise

Sharks have been a favorite animal of Dinomite's for years.  He just can't get enough of them, and I can't blame him.  I like them too.  Surprisingly, Dinomite doesn't have many shark themed books, movies etc.  And though he has a few teeth, he doesn't have a guide to determine which kind of sharks they come from, so he was ecstactic when we found a jaw, teeth, and a guide.

Book: Discovery Channel Sharkopedia (Purchased)

Shark Blanket (Purchased)

DVD:  Shark Week Jawsome Encounters

Shark Tooth Necklace

Book: Super Shark Encyclopedia

Genuine Miniature Shark Jaw with Fossilized Shark Teeth and Identifier

In case you can't tell, Dinomite loves animals, insects included.  Yet, like sharks, he doesn't have many books, etc.  Oh, and for those wondering about the coloring book, Dinomite has found that coloring relaxes him, and so he's always asking for a new coloring book.

Insect Microscope Slide Set (Purchased)

Big Book of Bugs (Purchased)

Scorpion & Spider Collection

Insect Coloring Book

Discover Amber Kit

Insect Field Guide (Purchased)

Over the past year, Dinomite has read four of the Harry Potter books, and is now working on the fifth.  He's slightly obsessed, and would love to build his collection of Harry Potter things.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Classics (Purchased)

Harry Potter Canvas Wall Art 16x20

Book:  Harry Potter Character Vault

Book:  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Purchased)

Harry Potter Coloring Book (Purchased)

Harry Potter Hogwart's Printed Wall Banner

Dinomite also enjoys superheroes, especially Batman.  Whether it be art for his wall, a book, an apron, a pillow or chewie necklace, Dinomite is a happy kid when surrounded by superheroes.

Batman Throw Pillow (Purchased)

Superheroes Comic Book Box Framed Canvas Art

DC Super Heroes Storybook Collection (Purchased)

"Flash" Necklace

Batman Apron

Batman Ice Cube Tray

Our house has been filled with Star Wars for quite some time.  Dinomite loved it first, then it became Bulldozer's first love.  Now they both love it and can't get enough of it.

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (Purchased)

DVD: Star Wars Rebels Season 2

Star Wars Spatula (Purchased)

Star Wars Ice Pop Maker

Book: Star Wars:  The Force Awakens Incredible Cross Sections

Star Wars Cook Book

For extended family using this list for gift ideas, and would prefer giving Dinomite an experience, he's quite particular about what he likes, but when we get it right, he's the happiest kid alive.  Here are some gift cards that Dinomite is sure to enjoy!

Mark's Pizzeria




A.C. Moore

Dinomite enjoys clothes, and is quite particular about what he wears.  He prefers clothes with no buttons, snaps, and/or zippers, loves to be comfortable, and tends to like shirts with graphics of animals, dinosaurs, etc.  Dinomite wears a size 10 top and size 10 bottom.

 Happy shopping!

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