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Non Toy Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

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Princess' birthday is coming soon and she's super excited about it, counting down the days literally.  Over the past six months our family has made an amazing transformation to owning less and wanting less.  I attribute part of this to the experiences we've had as a family traveling over the past year.  The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed it, even more than getting more "stuff."  It has really been a light bulb moment for them.  They've also realized how easy it is to keep their rooms clean with less toys to put away.  Other aspects of Princess' journey in particular include recommendations made by her therapists as a result of behaviors and issues she's struggling with.  She is learning so much about how to help her body and mind heal, and enjoying the process.  So, I present to you Princess' wish list for the year 2016.  This will be her wish list for her birthday and also for Christmas.
Princess has recently developed a passion for baking and cooking.  If only you could see her watching Chopped Junior on the Food Network when she gets the chance.  She's dying to get her hands dirty with new recipes and materials that are appropriate for her age.  You'll also notice a trend of American Girl products here, as Princess is very much into the all things American Girl.

Princess LOVES flamingos.  They are one of her favorite animals.  Her bedroom is in the process of receiving a makeover with pink flamingos as the theme.  She would be delighted to receive any of the items below for her room and when on the go.

Princess has taken up an interest in fitness and exercise as she's learned that it helps her cope with her anxieties.  She reminds me of myself as she is sure to get in her sit ups, push ups, and jumping jacks in before the end of the day..

Another one of Princess' favorite animals is the dolphin.  For this reason we included multiple dolphin themed non toy gift ideas.

DVD: Dolphin Tale (Purchased)

As our family has watched the news together over the last year, Princess has shown an intense interest in the elections of our country.  Her dedication to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is firm, even when others in the family have cheered for other candidates in the primary elections.  Hillary Clinton appears to be her very first hero-like figure.  Princess really does like everything about her, from the way she dresses, to the way she gives speeches against Donald Trump.  And most importantly she loves that she is a woman.  She has expressed interest in showing support for her candidate, learning more about Hillary, learning about other amazing women in our nation's history, and learning about our country in general.

When you ask Princess where she wants to go next on vacation, her first answer, without hesitation is Paris, France.  Traveling to Europe is definitely not an option right now, but I know that making that trip myself before my senior year of high school was a life altering experience. I would love to give that to Princess as well.  So why not start preparing now in ways that are appropriate for her age?

Book:  Kids Cook French

CD: French Playground

Book: French-English Picture Dictionary

Book Set:  American Girl Grace

Puzzle:  I'm Going Places

DVD:  Grace Stirs Up Success

Princess loves to learn, especially when she gets to use Montessori materials.  When completing bigger math problems this year, we noticed we have a shortage of wooden thousand cubes and hundred squares when completing larger problems.  This bothered Princess to no end, as one of her favorite games of all time includes the use of these wooden materials.  She couldn't resist putting them on her wish list.  When it comes to language studies, Princess' favorite works include sentence analysis.  She has mastered the material we have on hand and is ready for the material shown here.  Lastly, Princess is very intrigued with the binomial and trinomial cubes, as we do not own them yet, but she has seen them.

Gift Cards
Princess is just beginning to understand the concept of money and gift cards, however this girl LOVES to go out to eat and watch movies at home.  The restaurants below are specific places she enjoys in town, however I know she would enjoy a gift card to any restaurant you could think of.  She loves foods of all kinds, including Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and more.  Lately she's been asking to go try seafood.

Unless it's a pre-planned trip, prepared for well in advance, either for the day or for a few weeks, Princess is very much a home body.  She likes to spend her time doing things she's familiar with close to home.  So with regard to experiences, Princess has only asked for a trip to the movies and the bowling alley, two places she's gone before and knows she enjoys.

Princess LOVES clothes, as long as they're soft, modest, and comfortable.  The only issue we run into is that she's so dang tiny.  Unless you can find size slim, leggings and dresses are the way to go for bottoms.  She usually only fits into slimmer fitting shirts as well, and forget about those with wide or scooped necklines.  When it comes to accessories, Princess loves socks, hats and matching hair accessories.  She wears a size 8 in both tops and bottoms.

Note:  Grandparents and extended family members use this list for birthdays and Christmas.  Items marked purchased are for grandparents and extended family members so no two people purchase the same gifts.  We've find this to be a great way to communicate.  


  1. I've followed your blog for years but never commented, but I just wanted to say that Princess seems like my kind of girl! All your kids are so lucky to have you as their mother!

  2. Great gift ideas! My sister invited me for my niece’s birthday party and I really was confused which gift would make her happy, it’s not easy to find a gift which is nice, safe, and affordable.
    I really loved the tent idea, and I think it suits kids from 2 til 7 years old, and loved the kitchen gift, I recently noticed that not only girls are interested in kitchen playset, but also boys!