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Valentine's Day Practical Life & Sensorial Activities for Tots & Preschoolers

Sunshine needed some extra activities to keep her busy on Valentine's Day, so she wouldn't be too anxious about the holiday.  I wanted to be sure to design activities she could do on her own, without assistance, in case adults were needed elsewhere at any point during the day.   These Valentine's Day Practical Life and Sensorial Activities for Tots and Preschool were such a hit!
Valentine's Day activities
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Here's what kept her busy!

Practical Life

Heart (and Flower) Fine Motor Activity
heart fine motor activity
Sunshine enjoyed putting the hearts on a stick into the colander provided.  She had so much fun with it we added white silk roses to the activity.
heart fine motor activity
Source:  More details about this activity can be found on Living Montessori Now.

Pom Pom Tong Transfer
pom pom transfer
Sunshine used the tongs provided to transfer the large pom poms in the Valentine's Day containers.  This was a bit challenging for her, but once she got the hang of it she did fine.

Heart and Jewel Spoon Transfer
heart and jewel transfer
Sunshine practiced transfering plastic jewels and hearts from one heart-shaped bowl to the other using the spoon provided.  I loved how this activity helped improve her concentration and fine motor skills at the same time.

Concentrated Jewel Tong Transfer
Valentine's Day tong transfer
Sunshine used the tongs provided (different from the ones used in the activity above) to carefully transfer one bead at a time to an individual opening in the heart mold provided.


Valentine's Day Sensory Bin
Valentine's Day sensory bin
Sunshine loved this sensory bin.  She enjoyed placing hearts and other objects in the bags provided.  Sensory bin contents included:

Valentine's Day Invitation to Play
Valentine's Day invitation to play
All of the kiddoes enjoyed our Valentine's Day Invitation to Play.  The kiddos played with it's contents for hours.

The Invitation to Play included:

Valentine's Day invitation to play
The kiddos had a fabulous Valentine's Day.  These activities helped Sunshine function so much better as they kept her hands busy and her mind occupied.

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Valentine's Day activities

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