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Renae Today-November

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November came and kiddos were STILL sick. Looking back, we're fairly certain that three different viruses were going through the house at once, so until everyone worked through each one, we were all pretty sick and miserable.  Those who weren't sick continued with regular schedules and extra curricular activities.  There were days when all four kiddos were feeling well enough to do things like put up our Christmas tree etc.
This year is the first year that Princess has asked to help set up the tree.  Usually Christmas trees bring out her PTSD triggers.  It was so exciting to see progress!

The boys also attended a science class at the library and joined the chess club there.  Both of them thoroughly enjoyed the experiences.

Sunshine celebrated her 4th Birthday.  We didn't do much as some family members were still sick, but she did receive a new outfit and an infant carrier for her Baby Stella.
Finally, by Thanksgiving, the kiddos were feeling okay again.  However, Jason was still sick.
Just like in years passed, the kiddos helped create our Thanksgiving menu each picking one side dish and a dessert.  Though it was just us, we had a wonderful meal.  The kiddos watched football.  Jason even arranged a game outside with them, despite being sick.  The weather was beautiful.  That's not to say that went well, but he tried.  Lol.

As always, we attended the annual holiday parade in town.  I was sure I took pictures of the kiddos while we were there, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.  We went alone this year, without a celebration with friends afterwards because Jason was still sick and we knew we didn't want to share germs.  Hopefully next year everyone will be feeling better and we can have our annual after parade get together.

That's Renae today!

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