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Renae Today: May

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May started out with a play date at the zoo with one of the boys' friends.  All four kiddos came.  It was very busy and ended up being warmer than expected but so much fun!
 Though Adam was extremely tired and on sensory overload much of the time, he loved taking a moment to walk this trail on his own.
 Dinomite was thrilled to see one of his favorite snakes on display.
 Princess and Sunshine were not at all hesitant to feel the skin of a snake.
 Everyone LOVED the penguins as always.
The boys always have a great time with their friend!

Sundays wouldn't be Sundays without a little dancing in the living room!
 Or at least that was the case this particular Sunday.  The kiddos were quite adorable with their partners.

On May 13th, Jason had to have two wisdom teeth and one other tooth pulled.  The dentist office was in Syracuse, only five minutes from the zoo.  While he was in surgery, we decided to wait at the zoo.
 Sunshine did such a great job following directions and staying with us when not in the stroller.  Here the kiddos are looking at the turtles.
 It's always fun when you can have an up close and personal experience with an animal, even if glass is between you.  I don't think they'd ever seen this creature so up close before.
 The zoo had two new monkeys this visit and boy were they loud!  After a few minutes the kiddos ended up covering their ears and asking to leave the exhibit.
 Outside the kiddos were given an opportunity to pet a giant rabbit.  Sunshine was in heaven!
 The kiddos were also able to see a peacock with it's wings spread out wide.  It was so beautiful!

When Jason was finished with his teeth being pulled we picked him up and headed home.  The recovery was quite scary for a bit.  He ended up vomiting and almost passing out.  I was very close to having to take him to the emergency room. Thankfully he started to feel better once he had some food in his stomach.

Once Jason recovered from his oral surgery, we were blessed with a chance to go on vacation to Grindstone Island.  Before we left, the kiddos received their own pieces of luggage for the trip and also for Disney World.  They were so excited!
 I must admit they look quite cute!
 They were sure to practice carrying everything before our airport experience.  Lol.  Let's just say, these bags may end up being checked, unless they have a lot more practice.
Our vacation on Grindstone was wonderful, even though Bulldozer ended up with a tic stuck in his head and Princess ended up with an ear infection.  The last night before heading off the island, grandparents, aunts, and uncles come to visit.  Even though it was cold, they still had a wonderful time.
 To read a detailed account of our vacation check out:

 We had just enough time to come home, unpack, get settled, and then celebrate Memorial Day.  Grandparents, aunts, and cousins joined us for the day.  We were sad a few of our friends weren't able to join us like in years past.  The Memorial Day parade is something the kiddos look forward to every year.
 We bring yummy treats for the kiddos to share before and during the parade, so we don't have to worry about the kiddos running out in the road for candy.
 We put sunscreen on while we're waiting for the parade to start.  And then we celebrate one of our favorite holidays!
 The parade wasn't at all like it's been in years past this year, but everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves.

As always, after the parade we head back home for a fun Memorial Day lunch!  Grandparents, aunts, and cousins joined us.  I love the picture below because it shows just how tired the kiddos were of having their pictures taken.  Lol.
Memorial Day is always such a great kick off to summer!  Here's to loads of fun to come!

Oh! I almost forgot, the kiddos were introduced to the concept of chores this month!  Each kiddo was assigned a chore that they complete each morning. The chores rotate every week.  Jason and I help with some chores when needed, but for the most part the kiddos can do everything themselves as long as they have supervision.  Here are our chores:

1.  Take care of shoes in the front entryway.

2.  Bring down the dirty laundry from upstairs.

3.  Take care of recyclables, by sorting them into their bins.

4.  Put away DVDs.

The kiddos have done so well with their chores. I thought they would struggle, but it's been perfect!

That's Renae today!

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