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Montessori-inspired Red Activities for Tots & Preschoolers

Over the past few months Sunshine has watched her older siblings use some of our new Montessori materials.  She is constantly asking when it's her turn.  As the kiddos learn about the earth, continents, and countries with their flags, she always asks to join in.

Sunshine received a new book about animals around the world for Valentine's Day.  One night last week, she brought it to me, pointing to specific animals, asking if she could learn about them during learning time.

She's always trying to sneak into the learning time room to steal Safari Toob figures and landmarks.  Just last week I caught her crawling army style across the living room floor, in hopes I wouldn't see her sneaking past me at the computer, as she tried to go into the learning time room.

I've designed these Montessori-inspired Red Activities for Tots & Preschoolers as an intro to some of the preschool materials and activities, but made it easy enough for Sunshine to feel successful.

All activities are designed around the color red, introducing specific red Montessori materials in the preschool curriculum.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
Montessori-inspired Red Activities for Tots and Preschoolers

Here's what Sunshine's been up to!

Montessori-inspired Red Activities for Tots and Preschoolers

R is for Red
R is for Red Painting Activity (Free Printable)

When I asked Sunshine what type of learning time activity she wanted on her shelves this week she told me she wanted to paint.  I'm trying out these new spill proof cups to see if they'll work.  So far so good!

Source:  This printable is part of my Red Activities for Tots & Preschoolers Printable Pack 1. This is a subscriber's only freebie. See directions at the bottom of this post on how to access your free copy.

Number 1
Writing the number one using the sandpaper tray.
Sunshine still doesn't recognize any of her numbers or correctly count to five, however she has shown quite the fascination in sandpaper numbers.  I'm not sure if it's because they're cards, or she likes the textures.

I thought it might be fun to introduce her to a sand tray.  I've chosen red sand because it's the color of the number one bead bar.  If nothing else, she'll practice drawing straight lines with her pointer finger, which is a great pre-writing activity.

Making Red Bead Bars
Making Montessori Red Bead Bars for Kids
To reinforce the concept of the red bead bar, I decided to see if Sunshine could make her own.  Knowing the capabilities of her little fingers, I made sure to make the pipe cleaners long enough for her to hold on to, as she strung the bead.

She's done an amazing job with this activity.  Though she lacks finger strength and hand strength, her fine motor coordination is superb.  We continue to reinforce the idea of "one red bead" as she does the activity each day.

Europe is Red
Montessori-inspired Europe Play Dough Activity for Kids (free printable)
When learning about the seven continents, using Montessori materials, Europe is red.  One might not think that corresponding a color to a continent would make much difference, but I'm here to tell you that it does. Bulldozer knew his seven continents at the age of three, because of the color recognition of each.

Maria Montessori was such a brilliant woman.  In this activity Sunshine will cover the red map of Europe with play dough.  I'm hoping this will be great fine motor work for her, helping her strengthen finger and hand muscles.

Source:  This printable is part of my Red Activities for Tots & Preschoolers Printable Pack 1. This is a subscriber's only freebie. See directions at the bottom of this post on how to access your free copy.

Landmarks of Europe
Landmarks of Europe Activity for Kids (free printable)
Since the older kiddos have already familiarized themselves with the landmarks of Europe, I thought I'd let Sunshine use them.  I put them in a red bowl to continue the idea that Europe is red.  Sunshine will match up landmark figures with cards.

Source:  This printable is part of my Red Activities for Tots & Preschoolers Printable Pack 1.  This is a subscriber's only freebie. See directions at the bottom of this post on how to access your free copy.

Transferring Red Glass Beads
Transferring Red Glass Beads
Sunshine loves practical life activities. This week I'm introducing a new spoon to vary up the activity.  I've chosen glass beads because they're easy to transfer.  Once again the color red is being reinforced.

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  1. This is wonderful! So simple I now I have everything in my stash. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. How gorgeous are those replicas of Europe landmarks!! Great ideas, as always, thanks for sharing!

  3. As always, you've done a brilliant job and continue to inspire me. I am eagerly awaiting the day when my Little Bean is old enough to try some of these activities. I am using the time I have left to put together materials and have to thank you so much for the free printables you offer. I have just started making my own to give away on my blog and maybe I can return the favour at some point.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Good luck with your Little Bean and your blog!

  4. Your activities look very beautiful and appealing! Great work!

  5. Such beautiful work! I know my son would love the Europe-related activities :)

    1. Thank you Elaine! Can't wait to see when you try out some Europe-related activities with your son!

  6. I love how sweet this post is for a toddler! I also greatly appreciate the free printables you offer. Thank you so much!

  7. This looks wonderful. What age range would you recommend these activities for?