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Beginning Phonics Activities and Printables

Bulldozer struggles with reading, writing, and spelling.  

I admit, I'm struggling to find ways to teach him these things in ways that are effective. 

It's amazing how every kiddo is so different.  

Today, I took some time researching ideas, and I must say, I'm super excited with these beginning phonics activities and printables.

So much, that I couldn't resist sharing with you!  

Beginning Phonics Activities and Printables

Beginning Phonics Activities and Printables

Fall Word Work:  Free CVC Word Building Printable from Life Over C's

This resource is perfect for fall when teaching CVC words. 

I love the cute characters and flexibility in how to use the printables.

Even better, the printable is free!

The Cookie Sheet Challenge from Make, Take & Teach

There are so many ways to use letter magnets and cookie sheets. 

This resource shows you how and provides so many different variations.

Preschool Letter J from In My World

If you're looking for beginning phonics activities that focus on each letter of the alphabet, this resource is for you.

I love how there are so many free printable options to use to provide variety in learning.

Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words from 3 Dinosaurs

Combining fine motor with language activities is one of my favorite things.

I love how these printables help kiddos slow down to fill in dots while reviewing each letter to make a word.

Super CVC Practice from Miss Kindergarten

This resource includes so many different activities that can be used in so many different ways to practice CVC words.

There truly is something for everyone included, no matter what learning style is preferred.

LEGO Word Family Sorting from This Reading Mama

LEGO learning activities always seem to be a hit in our house. 

I love how this LEGO activity focuses on rhyming words

Water Balloon Phonics from Mess for Less

Sometimes you just have to take learning outside.

Combine balloons and water and you have a recipe for success. 

What a great way to practice CVC words!

Word Family Sort from Creative Family Fun

I love how simple this activity is and that it can be made together with kids.

There's an easy way to build in controls if necessary.

Different shapes and colors can be used. 

The sky is the limit!

CVC Matching Puzzle Cards from Mama's Learning Corner

Many children enjoy puzzles. 

This activity is such a fun way to learn CVC words and practicing rhyming.

Each puzzle is different so there's no confusion.

Pink Series Reading from Making Montessori Ours

Montessori pink series resources are some of my favorites. 

These nomenclature cards are so fun to use with young kiddos.

Add in the moveable alphabet or a writing component and kids will have a blast.

Montessori Wrap Up from Pinay Homeschooler

There's just something about matching words up with objects that draws children in.

I love how 3D objects are used in this activity, and not just pictures.

The best part is that you can create your own word strips and match them with objects you have at home.

Spinning Straw Spellers from Still Playing School

This activity is perfect for kids who enjoy hands on work.

I love how the sky is the limit with how many words you can create.

This is such an inexpensive activity to make too.

20 Outdoor Phonics Activities from Living Montessori Now

There are so many great outdoor phonics activities included in this post that can be used to learn letters, CVC words and more.

Outdoor learning can be so helpful to children who struggle to sit still.

There are also so many fabulous fine motor skill development components to activities.

Best Phonics Learning Tools on iPad and Other Tablets from iGame Mom

Some kids LOVE electronics. 

Phonics games on the iPad and tablet can be so helpful when learning, practicing and mastering phonics concepts.

I know there are times when electronics are discouraged, but for some kids, they really do help.

Books & Cards for Early Readers-Suitable for Montessori Classrooms from Montessori Nature

These books and cards for early readers are adorable. 

I love the simple pictures that go along with each word.

For kids who enjoy making books, the sky is the limit!

There are so many fun ways to teach beginning phonics.

We also have some amazing resources you may enjoy.

Pink Series Activities and Free Printables

Montessori Pink Series Activities and Free Printables

This resource is full of resources that help children learn CVC words and beginning phonics.

Resource are divided by vowel sound to ensure that children can read all CVC words.

How to Use the Beginning Language Bundle

How to Use the Beginning Language Bundle

We have created the most amazing language bundle that helps children learn beginning language concepts. 

There are so many activities included that meet the needs of every kiddo, no matter their skills and abilities.

I love that activities that isolate each and every aspect of CVC words.

FREE Montessori Beginning Language Pink Series Nomenclature Cards

FREE Montessori-inspired Beginning Language Nomenclature Cards in Print

If you want to sample all of the words included in the Beginning Language Bundle, or are looking for something free, you can check out our Montessori-inspired Beginning Language Nomenclature Cards.

There are 20 words per vowel sound for you to enjoy.

Learning beginning phonics skills can be so much fun with all of these resources at your disposal. 

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  2. Wow! What an inspiring group of activities!! Thank you so much for including us! Pinning for later :)