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The Earth: Creation

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This month our theme of study is the earth. I found it only appropriate to first focus on the Creation.  The kiddos have been having a fabulous time learning about all of the different creations one by one, to the point where they're really starting to understand it all.  As I've prepared all of the activities for the week, I found myself in awe of all the many things that have been created on this beautiful Earth.  It really is overwhelming!

I've separated the activities by day of the Creation.  The first few activities are just Earth/Creation related activities.

Six Days of Creation
To introduce the whole concept of the Creation, I decided to put together a sorting basket for the kiddos.  I had these beautiful numbers from a while back that I thought would be perfect to help the kids understand the sequence without words.  For Dinomite, since he can read, I included words too.

Source:  I found the number cards HERE.
Above you can see all of the little items in our basket!  The kids have LOVED this activity!

Creating the Earth with Beads
I love these sort of activities for the kiddos.  They prove to be difficult for Bulldozer but very rewarding for Dinomite and Princess.
Source:  I found the print out at 3 Dinosaurs as part of the Space Pack.

Earth Bead Bracelets
The kids made beautiful green and blue bead bracelets to celebrate our Earth.

Spooning  "Earth" Balls Activity
I wanted to use only blue and green balls for this activity, but didn't have enough.  Oh well, you get the point.  Bulldozer really struggled using this spoon, so I had to switch to an easier one for him so we wouldn't have tears.  Princess on the other hand did awesome!

Animal Puzzle
I just love Melissa & Doug Puzzles!  Princess does too. She can now complete any 48 piece puzzle independently!

Day 1: Light
Let There Be Light
For this activity I traced the outline of the Earth onto black construction paper using a white crayon.  The kids poked holes using a toothpick along the white lines.  When they finished they LOVED holding their Earth up to the light, because they could see the light they had created on their Earth.

There Was Darkness
To help the kids understand what the Earth looked like before their was light, we covered a baby food jar with black Play-Do. Then they took a flashlight and put it inside the jar. If their jars were completely covered with Play-Do, they could not see light.  Once the darkness was demonstrated, the kids pulled pieces of Play-Do off bit by bit to show light.
I loved how they used their hand muscles and fine motor skills to completely cover the baby food jar.  It proved to be work for Bulldozer.
After doing both Day 1 activities the kids really understood what the Earth was like at first and just how light influenced it.  I was super excited they understood.

Day 2: Sky
The Sky
The only way I could think of to teach them about the sky being separated from the waters was to introduce the water cycle and cloud formations.  After all, that's a concrete concept that they can understand.  Our first activity was learning about cloud formations in the sky.  After identifying them or matching pictures and labels up, the kids could choose up to 4 cloud formations they wanted to create using cotton balls.

Source: I made the printable for this activity.  The Cloud Formation Cards are a Subscriber's Only Freebie. For your free copy, follow the directions at the bottom of this post.

Demonstrating a Rain Cloud
To further demonstrate the water cycle and also the separation of water and sky, we used a dropper to fill cotton balls with water to the point that they "rained."  The kids really liked this.

Source:  I found this activity at Living Montessori Now.

Day 3:Seas, Land & Plants
Sequencing the Growth of Plants
I loved these cards when I saw them and knew I just had to use them. Bulldozer really struggles with sequencing, so I've been trying to incorporate at least one activity a week.

Source:  I found these cards as part of a Garden Printable Pack set at Home School Creations.

Land & Water Masses
I saw this activity at a Montessori Preschool I visited and LOVED it!  It worked perfect as I try to explained the separation of water to form land masses as part of the Creation.
My apologies, I do not know where the cards came from.  However, if someone does, please leave the source in a comment!

Day 4: Sun, Moon, & Stars
The Moon
Studying the moon using Oreos is an idea that is everywhere!  Knowing Bulldozer and his LOVE for Oreos, I figured it would be perfect. Sure enough, he LOVED it!  I love that all of my kids can now identify the moon they see in the sky!

Source: I found the cards at Noor Janan Homeschool.
For those who have not seen the activity, this is what it looks like!  Just be warned, it takes 8 Oreo cookies to do the activity.  You may want to let kiddos know before hand how many cookies you'll let them eat after or else they will be eating a LOT of cookies.  (I learned this the hard way!)

The Sun, Stars, & Moon
Dinomite received this Solar System Leap Frog Tag Game for Christmas.  I figured this was a great time to bring it out and teach all of the kiddos the very basics of our Solar System and just what the sun, moon, and stars are.  They have really had fun with it.  I'm not sure you can tell from the picture that the game folds out to be quite large.

Day 5: Sky & Water Creatures
Where Do Fish Live?
This activity was inspired by a book my son took out from the library. As always, I was trying to find an activity that would be a challenge for Dinomite, since animals are his world and he knows far more about them than I do.  Identifying oceans was way too easy for him so, with the help of my husband, we came up with this activity.

There are six categories or choices of where the fish live:1.  Warm Salt Water2.  Cold Salt Water3.  Warm Fresh Water4.  Cold Fresh Water5.  Hatches in Fresh Water, Lives in Salt Water6.  Hatches in Salt Water, Lives in Fresh Water

Each location can be matched to two fish cards.  Matching numbers are on the back of each set of cards so the kids (and Mommy) will know the answers.  I designed all of the cards using pictures I found online.  It turned out pretty well!

To save those who are interested, the time and effort it takes to research which fish live where:1.  Warm Salt Water-Devil Ray & Great White Shark2.  Cold Salt Water-Atlantic Cod & Smooth Flounder3.  Warm Fresh Water-Catfish & Piranha4.  Cold Fresh Water-Lake Trout & Northern Pike5.  Hatches in Fresh Water, Lives in Salt Water-Pink Salmon & Sturgeon6.  Hatches in Salt Water, Lives in Fresh Water-European Eel & Cougar Eel

Source: I created this printable.  The Fish Habitat Cards are a Subscriber's Only Freebie. For your free copy, follow the directions at the bottom of this post.

Bird Beak Identification
Source:  I found these cards at Montessori Print Shop.

Day 6:  Land Animals & Man
Animal & Continent Match
We've used this activity many times, just not all the animals together.  The kids love it!

Source: I found these printables at Walk beside Me.

The Body of Man
The kids have had no experience with studying the body except a few bone activities we did around Halloween time.  I figured this was a great time to do it!  I am always in awe at the bodies that have been created for our spirits to live in.
I found these cute little body parts last year around Halloween.

Source: I created these cards.

The kids are definitely understanding the story of the Creation much better and are developing a very deep respect for it as we all have learned just how complex it is.  It's been a fabulous way to start out our Earth study unit this month!

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  1. some wonderful ideas I will have to remember to do with my son!
    Please link up

  2. I found this over at Learn and Link and I'm SOOO glad I did! I just started teaching my 2 year old about Creation and I'm looking for ideas to use with him! Thank you! Come see how our homeschool week went if you get the chance.


    We used the above activity based on symmetry in creation. You might find it of interest. I plan to use some of your ideas here when w do creation again next school year.

  4. brilliant!!! every single activity is like a revelation!!! THANK YOU!

  5. Renae, what did you use to create the land (in the land and water masses / landforms)?

    1. I used brown play dough I had made for a previous unit. I let it set out and dry completely, and it seemed to work okay.

  6. The tray you have for the land and water forms is perfect! What kind of tray is it? I just came across you blog. It is full of wonderful ideas. Thank you!