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3 Dimensional Shapes Activities & Printables

Learning about geometric solids can be so much fun when using these amazing 3 dimensional shapes activities and printables.  There's something for everyone here including a FREE geometric solids sorting printable designed to be used with the Montessori geometric solids.
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Rainbow Geometry Painting from Left Bran Craft Brain

Montessori Math Trays from Racheous-Lovable Learning

Exploring 3D Shapes w/ Free Printable Cards from Suzie's Home Education Ideas

Mama Always said "Never play with your food" from The Best Life... Kindergarten Life

Introduction to Geometric Solids from Antarctica Unit

One of the main reasons for putting together a round up of 3 dimensional shape activities was to find a FREE geometric solids sorting printable.  I searched for hours and could not find one anywhere.  This left me no choice but to make the printable myself.  (This was exactly what I was hoping to avoid.)  So, for all of you looking for this, ENJOY!  It is my gift to you.
The Geometric Solids Sorting Printable is a subscriber's only freebie.  To receive your free copy click on the subscriber's link below.  You will be prompted to enter your info.  Upon doing so, you will receive a thank you note with a link to the Subscriber's Only Freebie page and the password.  Click the link, enter the code and you will have your own copy of the printable.

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  1. I'm glad to see the KLP Linky Party is back! Thanks so much for featuring my Inexpensive and DIY Geometric Solids and Extensions post! :)

    1. I'm excited it's running again too! Your post was great! Thank you for writing it!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the 3D printable, much appreciated.

  3. This is such a wonderful collection for learning geometric shapes! Awesome resource! :)

  4. There's so much we can do with 3D geometric shapes, thanks for reminding me of all the various activities!