Montessori-Inspired Children's Books About Camping

The beauty of the great outdoors has been a source of  inspiration for writers and artists for generations. There is something about being in touch with nature that enlivens our creative energy. We were excited to introduce the joys of camping to the kiddos this summer through books and other experiences.
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To prepare the kiddos for their first camping experience, introduced several learning activities,  While camping, we encouraged the practice of practical life skills.  We also filled our bookshelf with books about camping and nature in general.

Here are our favorites!

My Camp-Out is a Level 1 reader for toddlers and preschoolers. It's almost like a social story, sequencing events, and even pointing out things that might be scary for a first-time camper.

Into the Great Outdoors Camping for Kids is a guide for the older child who is ready to go camping beyond the backyard. This book covers camping basics such as gear for different environments, what to do while at the campsite, and how to prepare for emergencies. We love how the book teaches readers to be responsible for themselves and the environment.

S is for S'mores: A Camping Alphabet takes the reader through a wide-ranging tour of the wonders and joys of the great outdoors. We are big fans of this series. The combination of poetic verse and historical background on each page is a winning formula. 

The Kids Campfire Book is a wonderful resource that is overflowing with good ideas, tips, fun activities, songs, games and more. The book takes the reader through every detail, from deciding on the right campsite all the way through the last ghost story told around the dying embers of the fire. This book will provide value for years and through dozens of camping adventures. 

When We Go Camping does a superb job of putting the sensory experiences of camping into words and pictures. Each page features a few lines of evocative sensory imagery, combined with whimsical yet life-like paintings. Be sure to watch for disguised animals faces in the backgrounds. 

Toasting Marshmallows is a book of simple, fun rhymes accompanied by warm, impressionistic illustrations. Each poem focuses on a particular element of camping, everything from hiking in the woods to mosquitos buzzing in your ear.  This is an easygoing and fun read. 

Fun with Nature: Take Along Guide is one of the most pleasant surprises on our shelf this week. We have enjoyed a few different volumes of the Take-Along Series, but little did we know that there was one book that combined seven of them into one binding. This book is perfect for the young naturalist who plans on exploring nature in search of wildlife.

Book of Nature Poetry is a collection of poems inspired by nature, selected and edited by J. Patrick Lewis, the former Children's Poet Laureate of the United States. Some of the poems are beloved classics.  Others are less known but just as valuable and earn their place in this collection. This is a fantastic way to introduce poetry to children, especially nature lovers.

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