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Travel with Special Needs

Dinomite asked what I'd do if I could choose anything and had the money to do it.  Without hesitation I said I would like to travel again.  I absolutely love to travel and am working hard to pass that love on to my children.  However, travel with special needs is a lot different than traveling as a single person with no responsibility.

As the kiddos grow older we have set a goal to travel more as a family, making our way around the United States of America and then expand to other countries and continents around the world.  All of our adventures and resources will be shared here.  Travel with special needs is possible and can be enjoyable for all involved if you're prepared and know what to expect.

Travel with Special Needs

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World with Special Needs


A Visit to LEGOLAND with Special Needs

Williamsburg, Virginia

The American Revolution at Yorktown
Travel with special needs

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