We would like to share our experiences with you in person, offering help, motivation, support, and encouragement.  To do such, we're going on the road and want to come to you!  Meet speakers:  Renae and Jason!

If you read Every Star Is Different, then you know their story and all they offer online.  Yet, this is just the beginning of what they can bring to you, up close and personal.  Jason and Renae want to provide a glimpse of what life is like for them, as individuals, as a couple, and as a family, by sharing their experiences and what they've learned along the way.

Renae shares personal stories, experiences and powerful life lessons learned in an honest, straight forward way that helps you feel supported, validated and empowered.  She can share ideas that not only are sensitive to a wide variety of special needs, but also enables each individual to thrive and feel successful in every way.  She wants to connect with you, by touching your heart.  She knows all too well what it's like to live in the trenches and how that affects a person, whether as a parent of a special needs child, a target of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, a spouse of someone with autism, a homeschooling parent or a family trying to implement Montessori into their home.  (Please note Renae is not a certified Montessori teacher.)

Jason draws from his experience and training as a professional mental health counselor, working with children and adults, in private and group settings, and in residential facilities.  He also shares experiences from his life as a father of four special needs children, and spouse with autism, ADHD and an anxiety disorder.  Jason is able to deliver ideas and concepts from the academic world, mixed with a little humor, and apply them to everyday life experiences with mental, emotional or developmental issues, both as a service provider and as a parent or educator. And, sometimes, as the person who is in need of some help for his own issues.

Together, the two hope to provide a full picture of what it's really like to be a family working through life with various special needs.  There may not be another couple who can offer the kind of perspective, experience and training over such a broad variety of topics.

Whether it be a workshop, conference, training, support group or other speaking platform, Jason and Renae would love to be there.  Both have prior speaking experience in school, work, and church settings.  They are willing and able to speak about a variety of topics, which are listed below.
  • Empowering Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Providing Mental Health Therapy for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Autism in Marriage
  • Meeting Your Child's Sensory Needs
  • Empowering Parents of Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • An Essential Guide for Therapists who treat Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Successful Marriage While Parenting a Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Parenting an Explosive Child
  • Montessori and Special Needs
  • Montessori at Home
If you are interested in having them speak about a topic not listed, please contact them with details at everystarisdifferent4@gmail.com.

In the spirit of wanting to reach as many people as possible, regardless of ability to pay, Jason and Renae wish to offer their services for free with the exception of gas reimbursement for travel, lodging accommodations and meals, whether it's a 60 minute lecture, 2-4 hour workshop or 8-hour intensive training.  They can meet the needs of a group of any size, with a message specifically tailored to your audience.  All engagements are presented by both husband and wife, each presenting separately, one after the other.

Jason and Renae want this to be as real as it gets. Life has provided them with a huge variety of challenges and opportunities, they never anticipated or looked for.  They have learned much along the way and want to give back where and when they can.

Whether you are a parent of a special needs child, a professional looking to develop new skills or perspective, a family looking to apply Montessori principles at home with or without special needs children, or are simply curious about how Jason and Renae's family actually functions from day to day, they want to share their story with you.

Jason and Renae limit speaking events that require travel (more than 50 miles away) to once per month in order to maintain routines and schedules for their family.  Their children travel with them to events.  While one parent is speaking, the other is caring for their four special needs children in a room provided by the host, that can comfortably accommodate 5 people for the duration of the event.  The room must be located in the same building as the event.

Jason and Renae are now scheduling speaking events for the year 2017.  They will not be available to speak during the months of November and December.

Speaking Request
To request that Jason and Renae speak at an event near you, contact them at everystarisdifferent4@gmail.com.  Please be sure to include the following information about the event:

1.  Location
2.  Date(s)
3.  Topic(s) You'd Like Addressed
4.  Target Audience
5.  Number of People Expected to Be in Attendance
6.  Type of Room Where Event Will Be Held (Auditorium, Classroom, Chapel, etc.)

We hope to meet you soon!


  1. You both have so much to offer and I am sure God will bless your efforts in each speaking engagement.

  2. Congratulations! Such exciting news! Your family has incredible wealth of knowledge to offer!


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