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Montessori Printables Library

Welcome to our Montessori Printables Library!

All of our FREE Montessori and Montessori-inspired printables are here in one place for easy access.

Printables in our Montessori Printables Library are designed for children of all ages and abilities.

Most Montessori printables include true-to-life images and/or famous artwork to inspire.

We hope you enjoy them all as much as we have!

Montessori Printables Library

Montessori Printables Library

Free Montessori printables are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. 

In each post you be told the title of each printable.

This page is updated regularly to reflect the newest printables available.

5 Senses Printable

7 Continents Printable Pack 1

30 Day Minimalist Kitchen Challenge


Addition Strip Board

Addition Problem Template

Advanced Language Nomenclature Cards in Cursive

Advanced Language Nomenclature Cards in Print

Africa Unit Printable Pack 1

All American Summer Language Printable Pack 1

All American Summer Math Printable Pack 1

All American Summer Science & Culture Printable Pack 1

Alternative Energy Sorting Cards

American History Outline

American Topography and Wildlife Printable

Ancient Egypt Artifact and Non Artifact Sorting Activity

Ancient Egypt Fundamental Needs of Man Sorting Activity

Animal Nomenclature Cards

Animals of Antarctica Printable

Animals of Asia Printable

Animals of Europe Printable

Animals of the United States Printable

Animals of Africa Activities for Tots & Preschoolers Printable Pack 1

Antarctica Animals Clip Cards Printable Pack

Apples Life Cycle Printable Pack

Apple Unit Printable Pack 1

Arachnid Measurement Cards

Armed Forces Printable

Artists Nomenclature Cards

Asia Unit Printable Pack 1

Atoms Bonus Freebie

Australia Unit Language Printable Pack 1

Australia Unit Math Printable Pack 1

Australia Unit Science & Culture Printable Pack 1

Autumn Leaves Unit Printable Pack 1

Autumn Math Printable Pack Bonus Freebie


Baby Animal Identification Cards

Dinosaur Unit Science & Culture Printable Pack 1


We hope you have enjoyed all the Montessori freebies that Every Star Is Different has to offer and will come back and visit us often. 

If you observe that we're missing what you need, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at with printable ideas. We're always looking for new inspiration.

Be sure to check out our other printable libraries as well!

Montessori Printables Library

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