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Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Unit Syllabus

Are you planning a Montessori-inspired dinosaur unit for your children?  Instead of spending countless hours trying to find and create activities, create or purchase printables, and keep things organized, why don't you purchase our Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Unit Syllabus?
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The Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Unit Syllabus is 13 pages long and includes activities for the following subjects:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Science
  • History/Geography
  • Music
  • Art
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Physical Education
  • Grace & Courtesy

It also includes a link to our Montessori-inspired Children's Books About Dinosaurs for a list of appropriate books with reviews to supplement your studies.

Montessori-inspired activities in the syllabus are designed for children ages 3-6.  Depending on how much room you have on your shelves and how quickly you change your activities, this unit study syllabus can be used for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or more.  For each activity in the syllabus you will see:

1.  Image of sample activity set up.
2.  Link to unit study for detailed instructions.
3.  Link to printable.
4.  Materials needed.
5.  Activity variations.

As you'll notice, everything is laid out in one place, organized and ready to go, just like you asked!

How do you purchase the Montessor-inspired Dinosaur Unit Syllabus?

To purchase your digital file (PDF copy) as a USD customer, click the "Add to Cart" button below.  The file can be read on any computer or mobile device, and can be printed at any time.  To access printables, click on the links within the digital file, find the pages you need, print them, and prepare for activities.

Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Unit Syllabus-US $5.00


  1. Renae, this is top notch! And you definitely picked and ALL TIME favorite topic. Your fans have been waiting for these!

  2. What an amazing resource! This is a great theme to begin with, too! I'm so excited for you to start this new venture :)

  3. This is so smart! I love how you put your unit studies together.

  4. Well done! I have a dinosaur lover that would totally enjoy this unit study!

  5. I love unit studies and this one is so complete. Really makes it useful for all classroom areas.

  6. What an amazing resource! I'm a fellow montessori homeschooling mama and this would be perfect for my upcoming unit on dinosaurs! Thanks for your hard work!

  7. I would like a Montessori-inspired dinosaur unit because I haven't taught a unit study before and dinosaurs are way cool!

  8. I love how you have it all well explained and organized in the syllabus. It helps a lot not having to build the whole unit from zero. Definitely a must for a dino lover.

  9. What a great resource for homeschoolers! My twin boys would love it for our Montessori homeschool classroom. Greetings from beautiful Tasmania

  10. I think this would be a huge hit in my classroom! Dinosaurs are a hook for my 4yo-'a is for ankylosaurus' around here! Your set looks great!

  11. I have two special stars who love dinosaurs. This would be a great resource!

  12. This unit will be a great extension to my reptile unit study for my 5 year old daughter. It's complete, organised and incorporated all the subject areas. I will be blessed to have them as my teaching aid for my daughter.

  13. My 5 year old has Sensory Processing Disorder. And He LOVES Dinosaurs! This would thrill him.

  14. I have 2 dinosaur lovers who I know would enjoy spending a lot of time with your unit!

  15. My 2 and 4 yr old were introduced to dinosaurs by a friend's dinosaur birthday party. For something they can't observe live, they have been quite the attraction! I am just starting to train myself in Montessori home education; the familiarity and excitement of dinosaurs would lend itself well to beginning a structured unit study. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. We are just getting started on our Montessori homeschooling journey and this unit study on dinosaurs looks like just the one to try out. I have a 4 yo also who really enjoys learning about dinosaurs.

  17. I LOVE how your unit studies cover all areas of Montessori learning! I also appreciate the detail AND simplicity. This allows for growing as you follow the child. Every classroom needs a dinosaur unit 😉