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Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle

As my students, ages five to twelve, studied the universe and astronomy concepts this year they became fascinated with elements and chemistry concepts.

This was something I did not expect and was definitely not prepared for.  

Thankfully my husband was ready and eager to follow our students' new interest.  The NEW Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle was created!

This bundle is designed for children ages three to twelve years old.  

The Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle makes it possible for children to learn chemistry at a young age.  Products are simple to understand

This bundle is so comprehensive.  It includes all 118 elements!  The concepts of atoms and molecules are broken down.

There is nothing like this available anywhere.  

This bundle is not to be missed!

Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle

Let's take a closer look at what's included!

Montessori-inspired Chemistry Preschool Printable Pack

  • Introduces chemistry using numbers, colors, sizes, patterns and measurement
  • Includes chemistry lab nomenclature and description cards
  • Provides opportunities to learn colors through reading and writing activities

Montessori-inspired Intro to Chemistry Printable Pack

  • Provides easy to understand nomenclature and description cards for chemistry vocabulary terms
  • Teaches symbols for various types of dangerous chemicals
  • Includes beautiful images to help young children understand terms

Montessori-inspired Periodic Table of Elements Printable Pack

  • Includes resources for all 118 elements
  • Introduces elements using true to life images, symbols and descriptions
  • Provides syllable counting cards to help with pronunciation of each element

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack

  • Introduces more than 20 atoms by electrons, protons, and neutrons
  • Encourages children to create atoms using controls provided
  • Expands to allow for the creation of all atoms with templates

Montessori-inspired Molecules Printable Pack

  • Introduces 24 molecules using ball and stick models
  • Provides Lewis Dot Diagrams for each molecule
  • Can be used with an Organic Chemistry Model Kit

This bundle includes 303 printables for your classroom!

This bundle is no longer available but you can purchase the individual printable packs included by clicking the images below.

Montessori-inspired Chemistry Preschool Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Intro to Chemistry Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Periodic Table of Elements Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Molecules Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle

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