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Fall Counting Activities for Preschoolers with a Bonus Free Printable

Are you looking for Fall Counting Activities for Preschoolers with a bonus free printable? We're having so much fun with these new printables and can't wait to share!

We are so excited for the beginning of the fall season.  The leaves are falling.  Temperatures are finally dropping.  

Kids are all too excited to wear pants and long sleeve shirts to play outside on crisp mornings.  I can't help but carry over the anticipation of fall to our learning environment.

Sunshine has returned home from her first residential treatment and has once again joined us for learning at home.  

Though almost nine years old, Sunshine is developmentally and cognitively about five years old.  She's at that perfect developmental age to really master counting and writing her numbers!

Montessori-inspired Fall Math Printable Pack with Bonus Free Printable

All printables used in our activities this week are from the Montessori-inspired Autumn Math Printable Pack with the exception of the Subscriber Bonus Freebie debuting in this post. 

Fall Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Fall Themed Counting Books

Montessori-inspired Fall themed Counting Books for Preschoolers

These beautiful fall themed counting books have been used in a variety of ways in our classroom this week.  On the first day the control cards were introduced, we simply put the cards in order from 1 to 30 to see if Sunshine remembered them.

The second time Sunshine brought them out she grabbed the control cards and the empty writing cards.  She then practiced writing each of her numbers correctly on the lines.

Today we're using the control cards with the Montessori bead bars to create numbers.

The sky really is the limit as to how these cards can be used in the classroom.  As Sunshine transitions from a non Montessori public school setting back to our Montessori homeschool, I've observed that Sunshine tends to expect a new activity each day.  

To help her work through this need and transition, I find myself creating printables that can be used in multiple ways, in case I need to come up with something "new" in the moment to help her stay engaged and learning.  

Fall Themed I Can Count to 30! Charts and Cards

Fall Themed I Can Count to 30! Charts and Cards

I briefly discussed above how Sunshine put the control cards in order from 1 to 30 when I first introduced them.  Here you can see one of three I Can Count to 30! charts included in the Autumn Math Printable Pack that was used as a control.

There are three versions of the I Can Count to 30! charts included in the printable pack. One has numbers on writing lines, one has numbers with no lines.  One is blank for the child to fill in.

Fall Themed Fill in the Missing Number

Fall Themed Fill in the Missing Number

There are days when Sunshine loves to write.  To fulfill that need, I created the fill in the missing number cards.  She has thoroughly enjoyed these.  They are helping to build her confidence in her writing and counting abilities.

Fall Themed Fill in the Missing Number Clip Cards

Fall Themed Fill in the Missing Number Clip Cards

On days that Sunshine isn't up to writing we use these adorable fill in the missing number clip cards.  I gave Sunshine a choice of using orange clothespins or our acrylic pumpkins to mark her answers.  She chose the orange pumpkins.

Montessori-inspired Autumn Math Printable Pack Bonus Freebie

Since Sunshine enjoys writing so much I created a bonus freebie where she could practice writing her numbers.  

Once again this printable can be used in so many ways.  Sunshine can match up number cards with the control word strips.  She can practice writing each of the numbers on the lines provided.  Those who aren't able to write on their own yet can using the tracing word strips.

What's also cool about this freebie is that it comes with both print and cursive options.  My older kiddos will be using the cursive option, while Sunshine sticks to print.

The Autumn Math Printable Pack Bonus Freebie can be yours. Just follow the directions below.

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7. Find the printable pack you are looking for listed in alphabetical order, click on it, and voila!

We hope you enjoy your free printable.

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