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The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle

We have been in painting mode at our house this week as we prepare to sign papers to buy the home we’re living in. Yet, the only thing that I can think about is The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle.

I am so proud of it. Not just it’s creation, but how much it benefits my children.

The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle took months to create. Not because I’m slow, but because I wanted to make it perfect and that took time, observation, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

You see, it was specifically designed for my children. Every page, every section, every individual bundle within the ultimate bundle was created to help my kids become the best at math they can be. 

The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle

The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle

We’ve been a Montessori family for a long time and the traditional Montessori materials are amazing and wonderful, but my family needed more.

If you’re family is in the same situation we are, or if you’ve noticed children in your classroom need more, it’s your lucky day, because The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle can be yours!

For one week only, Wednesday, March 21, 2018 through Tuesday, March 27, 2018 this bundle, literally 1030 pages long, is being offered for only $45.99! That’s a 70% discount from the original price.

But here’s the deal, after this week, The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle disappears. It will no longer be available, and you’ll have to purchase parts of it individually.

All individual math bundles are 30% OFF for a limited time only!

Now perhaps you can only wish you had the means to purchase The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle, but don’t.

Perhaps your child is only working on numbers and counting right now, and you don’t know what the future holds.

Perhaps your child has already progressed through numbers and counting, addition and subtraction and you only need multiplication and division materials.

Rest assured, we have something that’s perfect for you too.

For one week only, Wednesday, March 21, 2018 through Tuesday, March 27, 2018 all individual math bundles are 30% OFF. After this week they will go back to their regular prices.

Now let’s dig into the meat of The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle and all its individual parts! 

The Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle

Sunshine struggles so much with learning numbers and counting. She needed extra supports that could be used with the Montessori materials. She also needed more practice and variations, to solidify the skill. 

Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle

This is how the Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle came to be.

Every single part of that bundle is used on a regular basis in our classroom. Sunshine’s confidence has soared. She feels capable. Best of all, she’s learning.

There are so many incredible learning experiences made possible with the Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle, which is only one part of The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle.

This isn’t just something you print out once and use for a few days. These materials will last months and even years.

You can even see the bundle in action HERE.

The Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle

Dinomite hates math. He always has. It’s the subject area he struggles most with. Yet, I knew I needed to help him progress.

We’d been working on static and dynamic addition and subtraction for years, but things still weren’t sinking in and both of us felt horrible about it.

I knew I needed to develop some way to build his confidence, encourage practice, and help him progress, with the proper incentive in place to make it happen. 

Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle

This is how the Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle came to be.

I started with the simplest most basic problems, creating fifty equation cards. Then I added a mathematical step and created another fifty equations. This went on and on until every little step had fifty equations cards.

I laminated and hole punched the cards, grouping each set of fifty together with a ring, placing them all in a basket on one of our classroom shelves.

I told the boys, for each set of fifty cards they completed correctly, going back and fixing mistakes if needed, they could earn an hour of media time.

Wouldn’t you know those boys practiced math every day, completing a set of fifty cards as quickly as they could, for weeks, until all were completed.

At first there were a lot of mistakes that needed to be fixed, but over time I saw mastery. This was a first for Dinomite.

Now had I had this bundle to use when we started this learning process years ago, things would have gone so much smoother.

Thankfully, now I do, and through the process of completing all the equation cards, Dinomite has been able to memorize math facts when before he couldn’t.

He’s developed confidence and started to enjoy math for the first time.

He doesn’t avoid it any longer. He asks for more.

This is what the Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle did for him. Whether your child is just learning, and you use the bundle step by step through that process, or you need extra supports for a child who is struggling, this bundle can help!

For Bulldozer, who LOVES math, it was something he looked forward to everyday, because he never ran out of his favorite work.

The Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle is also included in The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle.

The Montessori Multiplication and Division Bundle

And now that all of my three older children have finally mastered all addition and subtraction concepts, we’re moving forward with multiplication and division, including the processes of teaching about long division and remainders.

I admit, I’ve been anxious about it. It has taken my kids so long to feel confident with their mathematical abilities. 

Montessori Multipliction and Division Bundle

This is why I decided to create the Montessori Multiplication and Division Bundle.

Every single small step to understanding multiplication and division is broken down with a set of fifty equation cards to practice with.

The bundle is created to be used over an extended period of time, once again lasting months if not years.

Like all the other bundles mentioned, the Montessori Multiplication and Division Bundle is designed to be used with Montessori materials, each number color coded by place value to help with order and provide extra visual cues.

This is especially beneficial for Princess, as she still relies heavily on Montessori materials to do her work, and to provide the extra tactile component she needs to function at her best.

But if the child prefers not to use the materials, or you don’t have them, they are not required.

Once again, it too is included in The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle.

I am so thankful to have all of these materials to use for years to come. Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess may be using them now, but Sunshine will use them as she progresses as well.

The Holiday Themed Math Clip Card Bundles

Speaking of Sunshine… Have I ever mentioned her obsession with holidays before? Sunshine lives for them. When she discovers one is near, she instantly asks for holiday themed work on her learning shelves. 

Holidays Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards Bundle

Holiday themed work motivates her. It helps her feel that her work is special. This is why I created the Holiday Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards Bundle.

No matter what math facts she’s working on, I can print out pages with the corresponding holiday theme, add some fun holiday counters, and voila! Sunshine is tickled pink.

I can also group all the math fact clip cards together for any holiday and place them on our learning shelves for review.

That’s exactly what I’ll be doing with the older kids as we move forward with multiplication and division. They have learned all their basic math facts but need a refresher. 

Holidays Multiplication and Division Bundle

Easter multiplication and division clip cards from the Holiday Multiplication and Division Clip Cards Bundle are being printed out today!

The holiday bundles are so versatile, and I love that they include ALL math facts for every holiday. They’re such an effortless way to add more fun to learning math concepts, especially now that I have them ready for every major holiday of the year!

They are also included in The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle.

Get Your Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle today!

It is so hard to come by great math resources and printables, especially those designed to be used with traditional Montessori materials.

Have I also mentioned how hard it is to come up with so many problems for your child to practice in order to arrive at mastery of the skill?

Everything you could possibly need is right here! I can’t think of a better one stop shopping deal for all of your preschool and elementary mathematical needs.

Don’t wait!

Purchase your own copy of The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle today!

Or purchase one or more of it’s amazing parts individually for 30% OFF.

There is no need for a special promotional code. Discounts have already been taken off.

I promise you won’t regret it!

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