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Must Have Fidget Toys

We are huge fans of fidget toys to help keep our special needs kiddos regulated when they're craving sensory input.  Our fidget toys are used on the go, in the classroom, and wherever else they're needed at home.

There are hundreds of fidget toys out there.  It can be so hard to find good ones that work.  We've tried so many.  These are our favorites and the ones we always go back to.  Check out our must have fidget toys!

Must have fidget toys!
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Fidget toys can be used for children who have:

  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • PTSD
  • So much more!  
They're small and easily portable.  The fidgets are made for wear and tear and to meet a child's sensory needs.  I can't recommend them enough!

Must Have Fidget Toys

Spaghetti Ball-This is Bulldozer's favorite fidget.  He loves to put it on his head and other parts of his body.  It provides great visual stimuli and also has a fun tactile component.

Hyperflex Stretchy String-This is the fidget that the kiddos fight over the most, so much that we now have four, one for each of them.  There's just something about being able to stretch these as far as you can that's so pleasurable. They're also fun to rub in your hands and squeeze.  One would think they would break, but none have yet in all the years we've owned them.

Tangle Relax Therapy-Dinomite loves this fidget because he can take it apart, put it together, squeeze it, and rub it whenever he needs to.  It keeps his hands busy when he's trying to remain still and calm.

Tangle Jr. Fuzzies-Bulldozer enjoys the soft touch of this fidget as well as the colors.  He loves to take it all apart and put it back together creating color patterns.

Wood Fidget Puzzle-Dinomite can't get enough of this fidget.  It's quite simple, but so much fun to manipulate into different shapes.  He has used it for years.

Liquid Motion Bubbler-Our family can not live without this fidget.  Bulldozer is obsessed with visual stimuli. When we're needing to attend an event where he's required to sit still and quiet for any period of time, this comes with us.  He also uses it at home to calm himself when he's upset.

Shark Tooth Chewie Necklace-Dinomite loves this chewie necklace.  Out of all the ones he's had, he enjoys this one the best.  The necklace itself is sturdy and comfortable.  And for a kid who loves sharks, you can't go wrong.

Glitter Wand-Sunshine loves her glitter wand.  She has so much fun playing the "I Spy" game with it.  Bulldozer enjoys it too!

Pin Art Board-Bulldozer loves the feel of pressing his hand (and sometimes) face into the pin art board. He finds it so soothing and never tires of it.

Automoblox Minis-These cars are the best!  The boys have so much fun with them.  They're quiet and provide great tactile stimuli and fine motor practice.  Plus they're small enough to bring anywhere you want to go.

Stress Ball-I don't know where Dinomite would be without his stress ball.  He uses it so often.  It has definitely saved us a lot of pencils from breaking into pieces when he's doing school work.

Sound blocking headphones-Every child in the house has their own set of sound blocking headphones. Whether they're used to block out noise during learning time or Sunshine's meltdowns, they are so helpful.  We also use them on car trips to help with noise in close quarters.

I seriously don't know what we would have done without these fidgets over the years.  They have been lifesavers for our family.

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Must have fidget toys for children.

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