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Fall Harvest Stamping Activities for Kids

Art activities this month are focused around the idea of stamping.  Fall provides the perfect theme for our work. 

We have been having so much fun with our Fall Harvest Stamping Activities for Kids, taking full advantage of all the items the season has to offer.

There are so many fabulous options in nature that can be used in art!

Fall Stamping Activities

Fall Harvest Stamping Activities for Kids

Those who know me, know I'm not a fan of arts and crafts, unless they have a purpose.  I don't like wasting materials and definitely don't enjoy having arts and craft projects laying around the house.  I work hard to make sure our art projects have a function or purpose.

Through these various stamping activities, the kiddos are making our annual holiday cards.  I've always wanted to send out holiday cards during the autumn, before the Christmas season begins.  For our family this just makes sense.

As the kiddos stamp with various items, they will be creating the outside of our cards.  They are loving this project and have expressed interest in sending out cards to their own to friends as well. 

Fall Harvest Food Stamping

Stamping with Fall foods.

The kiddos have loved stamping with Fall harvest foods.  An apple and pumpkin are cut in half.  (I scooped out the seeds.)  Paint is poured onto plates to dip the food items in.  The kiddos choose a card and then go to town creating beautiful stamp images.

Stamping with Items in Nature

Stamping with items from nature.

Stamping with items in nature has been quite interesting.  The kiddos have discovered different ways to use items, whether rolling them or using different sides for different prints.  It's been really fun to see how creative they become as they use so many different textured items, dipping them in paint provided on plates.

Stamping with Fall Themed Cookie Cutters

Stamping with cookie cutters.

The kiddos love using these Fall themed cookie cutters to stamp with.  Cards created with them look absolutely stunning.  

Stamping with Halloween Themed Cookie Cutters

Stamping with Halloween themed cookie cutters.

To provide a bit of variety, and knowing how much the kiddos love Halloween, I've also made Halloween themed cookie cutters available on our shelves.  They're a bit large, but the kiddos have still enjoyed using them.

Fall Harvest Greeting Card Stamping Activity

Fall harvest greeting card stamping activity for kids.

This is the kiddos' favorite Fall harvest stamping activity on the shelves.  They are doing so well with the multi step process.  

When they're finished they have a beautifully stamped image with scrapbook paper border, glued on to the card.  The kiddos would make these all day if I let them.

Halloween Greeting Card Stamping Activity

Halloween greeting card stamping activity for kids.

Also on our shelves is a Halloween version of the activity.  The kiddos can't keep their hands off of it.  They love Halloween so much!

The kiddos have enjoyed their stamping activities so much.  They've been a great way to practice so many fine motor skills, while improving hand and finger muscle strength.  We hope you enjoy them as well!

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Fall Harvest Stamping Activities for Kids

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