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Montessori-inspired Bird Gifts and Resources for Children

We have several bird lovers in our home.  Each prefers a different type of bird.  I'm always looking for great Montessori-inspired bird gift ideas and resources for children to use at home, in the classroom classroom, and for play. Here are a few of our favorite finds!

Montessori-inspired Bird Gifts and Resources for Children

Check out all of these fabulous ideas!

Bird lover gift ideas

Backyard Bird Gift Ideas

Bird watcher gift ideas

Bird Feeder Gift Ideas

Exotic Bird Gift Ideas

Flamingo Lover Gift ideas for kids

Bird Figure Gift Ideas

Penguin Gift Ideas for Kids

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  1. My favourites are Schleich bird figures. But I love the toobs and playmobil as well.

  2. playmobil is my favorite, thanks for the suggestions. :)