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Unit Themes for the 2015-2016 School Year (Learn & Play Link Up)

Jason and I finally finished the kiddos' syllabuses, lists of texts and materials, and individualized home instruction plans.for next year.  We handed everything into the school district office yesterday.  HOORAY!   I kid you not, the process took me months to finish this time around, and that's with Jason's help.  Princess' first "official" year of homeschooling (as far as the district is concerned) starts this coming year. Up to this point, I've not had to write quarterly reports or hand in any other paperwork for her.  I never realized adding one more student would make so much more work for me.

We're transitioning from Montessori Preschool Curriculum to the Montessori Early Elementary Curriculum.  I dabbled with the elementary curriculum this year with Dinomite, but next year we're diving in head first with all three kiddos, while at the same time trying to finish up odds and ends of the preschool curriculum.  Jason and I have been reading and studying the elementary curriculum since January, hoping we'll be prepared for all that's coming.  It's just a little intimidating.  Children in an early elementary Montessori classroom, learn the same content I learned in middle school.  There are so many new concepts and materials to learn about.  I'm sure next year will be fabulous, but I feel like I'm starting my own Montessori education all over again.

Next year will be divided into monthly and weekly themes, like in years past, in order to help me keep things organized, and to keep the kiddos' interest.  It still surprises me sometimes how much of a difference themed activities make to the kiddos.  (The kiddos helped choose our units for the upcoming year.)

We're in the process of ordering a ton of new Montessori materials for our classroom.  The kiddos will be introduced to them over the course of the year.  I can't wait for them all to come in!  Opening up new Montessori materials is better than Christmas to me.  LOL.  All that's left when preparing for our new school year is giving our learning time room a face lift with new paint, curtains, shelving etc.  I can't wait to show everyone when it's done!

For now, I'd love to share our new themes for the year.  Some themes we've done before, but it's been awhile.  Though themes may be the same, the content will be brand new, as the kiddos are older now.  Other themes you'll see, we've never covered. Instead of focusing on specific continents this year we're moving on to counties.  I'm super excited about everything!  Our school year starts July 1st, so you'll start seeing units quite soon.

Here goes!

Unit Theme:  The Universe
Part 1:  Our Solar System & Milky Way
Part 2:  Laws of the Universe
Part 3:  The Earth & Sun
Part 4:  Peter Pan (Birthday Celebration Week)

Unit Theme:  The Earth
Part 1:  Composition of the Earth
Part 2:  The Atmosphere
Part 3:  The Hydrosphere
Part 4:  Hollywood Studios (Preparation for Disney World

Unit Theme:  The Animal Kingdom
Part 1:  Mammals
Part 2:  Birds
Part 3:  Fish
Part 4:  Reptiles & Amphibians
Part 5:  Animal Kingdom (Preparation for trip to Disney World)

Unit Theme:  Countries of the World
Part 1:  Norway
Part 2:  Epcot (Preparation for Trip to Disney World
Part 4:  Halloween

Unit Theme:  I Can Stay Safe in My Community
Part 1:  Fire Safety
Part 2:  Law Enforcement
Part 3:  Medical Emergencies
Part 4:  Thanksgiving Grace & Courtesy

Unit Theme:  Christmas
Part 1:  Woodland Christmas
Part 2:  All Things Gingerbread
Part 3:  Christmas in Germany

Unit Theme:  The Time Line of Life
Part 1:  China
Part 2:  History of Writing
Part 3:  History of Mathematics
Part 4:  History of the Arts

Unit Theme:  Disability Awareness
Part 1:  Physical Disabilities & Handicaps
Part 2:  Developmental Disabilities & Handicaps
Part 3:  Emotional Disabilities & Handicaps
Part 4:  Valentine's Day in Italy

Unit Theme:  Engineering & Design
Part 1:  Architecture
Part 2:  Plumbing
Part 3:  Electricity
Part 4:  United Kingdom

Unit Theme:  Habitats of the World
Part 1:  Desert
Part 2:  Grasslands
Part 3:  Rainforest
Part 4:  Morocco

Unit Theme:  Botany
Part 1:  Study of Functions and Parts of Plants
Part 2:  The Plant Kingdom
Part 3:  Anthecology (Pollination Biology)
Part 4:  Mexico

Unit Theme:  At the Farm
Part 1:  Farm Animals
Part 2:  Crops & Nutrition
Part 3:  Farming Tools & Equipment
Part 4:  Canada

It's my goal to cover every single item on this syllabus.  However, sickness, emergencies, and/or unexpected events can change all that.  Rest assured, I'm required to cover 80% of all material in my syllabus per school district standards.

I'm so excited to start the new school year. This past year has been very challenging with the addition of Sunshine to our learning time.  I felt like I could never stay on top of things.  Learning time was extremely difficult to manage. I'm so excited that my husband will be home with me this year to help out and keep things on pace.

For those wondering what the rest of this year will look like, here's our plan:

Unit Theme: Make Up & Review
Part 1:  My Body Unit which includes the study of Respiratory & Digestive Systems
Part 2:  Africa Unit which includes the study of Ancient Egypt
Part 3:  Asia Unit which includes the study of Ancient China
Part 4:  Zoology Unit which includes the study of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras

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