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Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play are the perfect way to entertain kids while preparing for Memorial Day and 4th of July festivities and waiting for guest to arrive and desired activities to begin.

Red, White and Blue are such great colors to attract the attention of children, especially when the sensory experiences are preferred.

Sensory bins and invitations to play provide so many fabulous opportunities to learn and develop fine motor skills through play.

There's something for everyone in the list of Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play below.

Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Red, White and Blue Water Sensory Bin

During the hot summer months there's nothing more perfect that a sensory bin that includes water play, especially for little ones! I love that this bin is so simple and safe for kids of any age.

Fabulous Red, White & Blue Patriotic Sensory Bin

Rice was the first sensory bin filler I ever worked with and it's still one of my absolute favorites. I love that this bin includes three different colors with so many fun ways to use it.

4th of July Star and Stripes Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is so creative in that it's designed to initially look like a flag with extra items to add and manipulate. I love that it's all created with different types of died pastas.

Red, White and Blue Water Table

If you're looking for a water sensory bin that occupies children of multiple ages, this is it. There are so many cool items included that are so much fun to use.

Ameri-cake Counting Sensory Bin

I love how this sensory bin incorporates math and is still super fun! What young kiddo doesn't enjoy making cakes, especially those that include candles?

Memorial Day Sensory Bin

This is such an adorable an inexpensive sensory bin to make. I love how it provides opportunities to put items in and out of holes as that's very attractive to some children. You could add tweezers to also encourage items to come out of holes.

Army Men Invitation to Play

What a fun invitation to play to introduce or enjoy more learning about the armed forces. My boys and girls would love this. The idea itself is so versatile. If you switch out vehicles and soldiers, you could focus on any war throughout history you'd like.

Fireworks Play Dough

For kids who love fireworks, this invitation to play is such a fun idea! I love how sparkly all of the materials are against the black play dough. It would be so much fun to create a night sky full of fireworks!

Memorial Day Sensory Bin and Invitation to Play

The sensory bin used in this post is such a fun way to practice spelling. When it comes to ingredients, the sky is the limit, so long as the red, white, and blue stand out. Scrabble letters are such a fun addition to encourage learning.

The invitation to play in this post includes so many material to encourage learning and play surrounding Memorial Day and the 4th of July. If you have a kiddo who just wants to focus on fun red, white, and blue play, there are options. For those who enjoy soldiers and military vehicles, there's tons of fun to be had there too.

Red, White & Blue Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is full of items that invite sensory experiences related to touch and textures. Some items are extremely soft and smooth while others are not. I love how this bin is so inviting and colorful.

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Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

When a child loves plants as much as Sunshine, it only makes sense to introduce the process of pollination. 

These Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables have been such a huge hit! 

One may not think there's much to learn about pollination, but there is!

Do you know how many animals actually pollinate?

These activities introduce several and so much more.

Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Montessori Flower Puzzle and Cards

Montessori Flower Puzzle and Label Cards

As we've started learning about plants, Sunshine has shown a huge interest in the Montessori puzzles. 

While studying pollination, I brought out the flower puzzle

I was a bit surprised as how much she struggled with this puzzle, needing assistance and prompts to cut down on frustration. 

Despite struggles, she chose it every day until she could do it by herself.

Source: The free printable for this activity can be found on TpT.

Animal Pollinators Sort Activity

Pollinators Animal Sort

I wasn't sure how well Sunshine would take to an in depth activity about pollination. 

When putting this activity together I made sure there was an option of a "short" version of the activity, and then the longer one.

The short version of the activity involves using the simple animal label cards and matching them to the animal figures provided.

The longer version is matching the simple animal cards to the figures and then sorting specific animal cards and placing them under the correct animal card and figure.

Animal figures come from our huge collection of Safari Ltd Toobs and Life Cycles.

Pollinators Sorting Activity in Action

To my surprise, Sunshine loved sorting all of the cards, learning about so many different types of animals that pollinate. 

She chose this activity every day it was on the shelves and only once went with the "shorter" version.

Source: The cards from this activity are included in our Pollination Printable Pack.

Flower and Animal Pollination Match Up

Pollination Flower and Animal Match Up

The previous activity talked about several different animals that pollinate. 

This activity focuses on specific flowers that certain animals choose to pollinate. 

Sunshine loves learning about flowers

This is the perfect extension to the basic flowers she's already learned about, expanding her flower identification and vocabulary repertoire.

Source: The cards from this activity are included in our Pollination Printable Pack.

Pollinators Writing Strips

Free Pollinators Writing Strips

I love how much Sunshine enjoys writing. Writing helps her learn concepts so much.

For this reason, we created Pollinator Writing Strips for her to enjoy.

They come in lowercase and uppercase letters.

Since Sunshine writes in only uppercase due to struggles she has with letters, I presented the uppercase version of this activity to her.

Pollinator Writing Strips

Sunshine has enjoyed writing the pollinator names on the writing strips, using the control provided. 

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Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

A Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration

Mother's Day is notorious for being a REALLY HARD day in our house. Reactive Attachment Disorder, a mood disorder, and autism all contribute to this fact.

There have been many Mother's Days where I've ended up in tears, surrendering to the trauma of the day. 

Holidays, especially Mother's Day are particularly difficult for my children who have been adopted through foster care.

This year my kids were determined to make Mother's Day the best ever and decided to throw a Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration.

The kids chose the theme because they know my favorite Disney movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast.

All aspects of the Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration were planned by the kids with minimal help from Dad (and at times Mom).

A Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration

A Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration

The Real Experience with Reactive Attachment Disorder, Mood Disorder and Autism

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Decorations

As the kids planned for their Mother's Day celebration, they delegated responsibilities between each other, focusing on each other's strengths.

Sunshine was chosen to be in charge of decorations.

This worked out perfectly as no one cares more about decorations than Sunshine, when there's a celebration or holiday of any kind.

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Decorations

Sunshine worked with Jason all week to plan and prepare her decorations for the big day. The two went to the local dollar store for a bouquet of Mother's Day balloons that was hidden in Princess' closet until the big day.

The two searched Pinterest for other decorations Sunshine requested.

On the day we celebrated Mother's Day (Saturday), Sunshine woke up her Dad extra early, telling Mommy to stay in bed, while Jason and she decorated.

When I woke up, Sunshine showed me all she had done and even sang me, "Be Our Guest" as an invitation to the day's events.

The one thing Sunshine wanted me to know was that there was one other decoration she didn't have yet that she would show me later.

Mother's Day Balloons

My favorite part of the Mother's Day Decorations was a balloon the bouquet that said, "Mom, the Queen of Everything."

Sunshine and I had seen it in the dollar store the week before. Both of us had loved it. Sunshine knows Mommy loves all things royal.

She remembered this balloon and HAD to make sure Daddy and she picked it up.

Mother's Day Reactive Attachment Disorder Fit #1

After I woke up and we celebrated her decorations, Sunshine settled into watching her morning cartoons waiting for her sister to wake up and make breakfast, and for the rest of the events of the day to start.

Princess ended up waking up late, which delayed breakfast. 

Dinomite, who had been delegated to be in charge of the entertainment for the day, mapped out a visual schedule for Sunshine, so she would know what to expect when, but had not planned anything first thing in the morning, as he thought Sunshine would do her regular morning routine and rituals.

Sunshine reminded him that she doesn't do her regular routine on holidays, and was struggling waiting for her breakfast.

Sunshine did manage to patiently wait for her breakfast and enjoyed it, but then had to go to the bathroom. Dinomite was using it at the time. (Less than a month after Sunshine's return home from residential our downstairs toilet mysteriously stopped working, and has been broken ever since.)

Sunshine's frustration towards her brother about her morning routine combined with her upset about not being able to use the bathroom NOW spiraled into a Reactive Attachment Disorder fit.

4 Steps to Understanding RAD Behaviors

4 Steps to Understanding RAD Behaviors

The excitement about the day's events and her depressive episode, which had started the day before, only increased Sunshine's agitation and inability to regulate.

Had Sunshine not been in her depressive episode, with senses on fire, and her IQ operating 20 points lower than usual, with no ability to reason, the autism meltdown wouldn't have been a thing and the Reactive Attachment Disorder fit would have lasted 5 minutes tops.

Thankfully Sunshine took her PRN within five minutes of starting her fit, had her turn in the bathroom, and went to her room to be safe and regulate. 

She did not want to go to the hospital today and that showed in her words and actions.

In less than twenty minutes, Sunshine had transitioned from a safe Reactive Attachment Disorder fit to an autism meltdown, feeling horrible about her choices and worrying about her day.

8 Differences Between Reactive Attachment Disorder Fits and Autism Meltdowns

8 Differences Between RAD fits and Autism Meltdowns

One sure way to know that the Reactive Attachment Disorder fit is over and the transition to an autism meltdown has occurred, besides Sunshine not targeting other people with words and actions, is that she hangs her head over the side of her bed. This helps regulate her body.

The start of Sunshine's Reactive Attachment Disorder fit to the end of her autism meltdown lasted about 45 minutes.

A French Mother's Day Breakfast

Jason and I took turns with Sunshine while the other one ate breakfast and spent time with the other kids.

Princess continued to make breakfast for everyone. 

She had decided on French cuisine for the day, and made omelets for everyone according to their sensory and special dietary needs.

Part of planning for Mother's Day with the kids was making sure that the three older kids chose responsibilities they could carry out on their own, without help from an adult, in case Sunshine wasn't okay throughout the day.

A Vegetable Egg White Omelet for Breakfast

Princess made me a fresh and delicious white omelet filled with vegetables and topped with salsa and avocado, with an orange on the side for me.

Originally, Dinomite had planned in his visual schedule for the family to do a craft after breakfast, before the next event on his schedule, but that wasn't possible during Sunshine's struggles.

Once Sunshine was calm, we assured her that she would have a chance to do the craft after lunch, and that she wouldn't miss out.

Next on the Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day celebration schedule was pictures and a trip to the library, also part of Dinomite's visual schedule. This was on the only event that needed to occur at a specific time.

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration Attire

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Attire

The kids were fabulous about pictures, knowing that more than anything Mom loves getting pictures on special occasions.

What made these pictures so special, is that everyone had their own Beauty and the Beast t-shirts.

Bulldozer had been delegated to be in charge of attire during our Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration.

At first he was considering going all out with suits and dresses, but then decided he didn't want to wear his suit all day or get anything on it. 

Instead he thought t-shirts would be perfect, especially since we could use them again, as we're planning a trip to Disney World in December.

My role was to support and encourage the kids in their planning and preparations. Despite the cost that I wasn't prepared for, I supported Bulldozer's choice to go with t-shirts.

He had everyone pick out a t-shirt they wanted and then had everyone vote on a t-shirt for me. Once the Amazon cart was ready to go, I clicked the order button to ensure Prime delivery and to know how much was actually coming out of the checking account.

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Attire for Mom and Dad

I must say the kids and Jason picked out a super cute and fun shirt for me that says, "Best Mom Ever!" I've never received a gift that has the word, "Mom" on it before, so this was a first for me. I loved it.

A Visit to the Local Library inspired by Beauty and the Beast

After pictures, we headed to one of the local libraries. 

It had been our hope that our favorite library would finally be fully open after repairs, so we could all be in one place together but it wasn't.

We dropped the older kids off at location one of our local library, where I grabbed a quick picture to celebrate the event of the day.

I loved that Dinomite had the idea to go to the library as part of our Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day celebration. It was so clever and something everyone could enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day: Trip to the Library

Once the older kids were dropped off at their location, Jason and I took Sunshine to the second location where the children's books were located. 

When the older kids were finished, they walked to the second location, where Sunshine was. We all left from there.

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day: A Trip to the Library

After the library, the plan was to make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for Princess' French dinner recipe AND to pick up the one item Sunshine didn't have yet to complete her decorations.

Dinomite, Princess and I stayed in the van while Jason and Sunshine went into the store. Bulldozer went in also to use the bathroom.

I don't know how much time had passed, but all of a sudden I hear the van door open and Jason telling Sunshine firmly to get into the van. 

Sunshine was not okay.

Seeing Jason was very upset and rattled, I stepped in to help Sunshine deescalate and get into the van. She was still not okay, but at least she was following my directions. She refused to listen to or do anything Jason told her.

All of her unkind actions and words were directed towards Jason.

We were now starting Reactive Attachment Disorder Fit #2 of the day.

Mother's Day Reactive Attachment Disorder Fit #2 & #3

The minute I saw how agitated Sunshine was, I sent the other kids into the store to find Bulldozer, while I worked to deescalate Sunshine. The PRN was still working thank goodness.

No groceries were purchased and Sunshine didn't have her item.

It turns out, the object Sunshine was looking for was a single red rose, which the grocery store didn't have today. 

Jason and she hadn't wanted to purchase one too early because it might die before Mother's Day.

Sunshine's escalation in the store started before shopping for the rose commenced, but the rose situation sent her over the edge.

Jason did all he could to deescalate her before and after the rose wasn't found, but again, because of the depressive episode there was no reasoning. Sunshine's senses were on fire. She could not cognitively work through the situation safely.

An autism moment driven by a depressive episode ignited a Reactive Attachment Disorder fit. Sigh.

I'm not going to go into all of the details of what happened in the store or parking lot for privacy reasons, but I will say Jason had every right to be as rattled as he was. 

Sunshine was willing to be safe in the van, knowing at any moment I could pull into the two law enforcement offices on the way home. 

She knew if she became aggressive in any way or destroyed property, she would go to the hospital, so she didn't.

Once home, I let her know she was not entering the house with her siblings until I knew she was okay. We would process through feelings in the van. 

Her siblings went into the house.

I came and sat by her while my husband sat in the front, after going to get Sunshine's noon meds.

A third Reactive Attachment Disorder Fit started in the van once siblings left. 

Reactive Attachment Disorder Fit: Did I Do Something Wrong?

Reactive Attachment Disorder Fits: Did I Do Something Wrong?

Within 20 minutes of Sunshine taking her noon meds and a second PRN (given the appropriate amount of time apart from the first), Sunshine transitioned into an autism meltdown.

She expressed how tired and hungry she was, so we focused on meeting those needs to regulate her and help her get to the point where she could work through her strong emotions safely.

I was so thankful for a pillow and blanket in the van. 

Sunshine wrapped herself up, closed her eyes and just practiced breathing, trying to calm herself. (She did not sleep.)

When she was ready to accept that she was eating in the van for safety reasons (at first she wasn't too happy about this), she accepted her plate of food from Jason and ate well.

After all of that, she was finally able to work through feelings and all that happened at the store. 

Sunshine took full responsibility for all of her actions, telling me about them before I even heard Jason's side of the story.

Sunshine accepted her consequences graciously, and was very thankful to still be home with her family. 

Technically she had followed her safety plan. 

Unfortunately, we now need to add more to the safety plan for the future.

In total, working through the back-to-back Reactive Attachment Disorder fits and autism meltdown, all worsened by the depressive episode, starting from the moment she entered the van at the store, to when she was able to go inside and be safe with her family took almost two hours.

Everyone laid low for the afternoon.

Sunshine napped. All of the kids received their Xbox or Nintendo Switch time. 

I had a chance to get some work done.

During Sunshine's nap, I processed the store events with the other kids. 

There were no ingredients for the planned dinner. 

I told Princess I was willing to take her back to the store, if she still wanted the ingredients.

Princess decided she'd focus on desserts instead of returning to the store. She was making madeleines and strawberry shortcake.

I let Princess know how appreciative I was for her preparing the meals she was able to for the day. Jason pulled a dinner together with items we already had in the kitchen.

I thanked Bulldozer and Dinomite for all they'd done so far to celebrate Mother's Day today. The t-shirts were great and I had loved the trip to the library. 

Sunshine had not been able to participate in the craft Dinomite had planned (specifically for her), but she would at a later time.

All of the other kids knew ahead of time Sunshine's depressive episode would be occurring on Mother's Day weekend. They knew what to expect. 

It was everyone's goal not to let bi-polar hijack the celebration.

And that's what the kids did. 

I was so thankful they had each chosen something to do, that they could be proud of, no matter how Sunshine was throughout the day.

Dinomite knew he had one more event on his schedule for the day, and was most excited about it.

After dinner, he wanted all of us to watch the Disney Live Action Beauty and the Beast movie. Sunshine had never seen it.

The rest of us had seen it once, but a very long time ago.

Our evening movie entertainment went fabulously well.

It's rare for Sunshine to be quiet during a movie, but she didn't say a word, unless she was giggling.

The other kids laughed and were so entertained.

Sunshine asked to go to bed early, halfway through the movie.

Dinomite, Bulldozer, Princess, and I finished preparing the desserts while Jason put Sunshine to bed.

We then finished the movie together.

Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day: A Two Day Event

Sunday, on actual Mother's Day, Sunshine was a bit more calm and relaxed.

Bulldozer, Princess, and Dinomite had all come down with a bad cold. We stayed home from church and just relaxed.

Sunshine was able to do her Beauty and the Beast craft that Dinomite had planned.

Mother's Day Beauty and the Beast Magic Mirror Craft

For dessert in the evening, Sunshine enjoyed her diet-friendly strawberry shortcake.

Mother's Day Strawberry Shortcake

On the actual Mother's Day, I was able to take a nap!

Jason prepared a simple date night for us at home, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Though Reactive Attachment Disorder, a mood disorder, and autism will always be a part of Mother's Day, I'm excited that this year there were so many positives that outweighed the hard parts of the day.

I consider it a win!

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A Beauty and the Beast Mother's Day Celebration

A Star Wars Day Celebration

Over the last few years our family has loved celebrating Star Wars Day in honor of Bulldozer's autism passion for the franchise.

When Sunshine was in residential. The celebration was easy. We'd pick out a trilogy to watch, buy some treats, and enjoy the day in front of the screen.

Unfortunately, Sunshine doesn't work that way. Her brain does not enjoy being in a resting state and the Star Wars movies, even the first ones that are PG, are all too scary for her.

This year we needed to make some major adjustments to our Star Wars Day celebration to meet the needs of teenagers and a young one.

Here's a Star Wars Day celebration that worked for the whole family.

A Star Wars Day Celebration

A Star Wars Day Celebration

Star Wars Attire and Hairdos

The day started out with regular routines and schedules, except the kids were changing out of Star Wars themed pjs into Star Wars t-shirts for the day. 

Star Wars Day Attire

When I purchase clothes for each season, I make a mental note to buy holiday themed attire so the kids have special clothes when they want them. These aren't extra purchases, they're just part of their wardrobe, that's ready to go on the special day and any other day they want to wear them.

I also do the same thing leading up to vacations. In the case of Star Wars, some had clothes and pjs from a trip we took to Walt Disney World two years ago. Others were purchased at Walmart on clearance.

This year, I took extra time to do the girls' hair like Princess Leia's, using a tutorial I found online. 

Princess Leia Buns

I loved that the tutorial gave an option for short hair and long hair. 

Sunshine had her hair put up first thing in the morning. Princess waited until right before evening festivities began to put her hair up.

Sunshine insisted that she wear her Star Wars Baby Yoda scrunchies AND Princess Leia buns, so that's what we did.

Star Wars Craft Time

Star Wars Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

After morning routines comes craft time. Sunshine is in a phase where she will only participate in craft time if her project is completed and ready to handle immediately. 

She doesn't want to wait for paint or glue to dry. Paper plate crafts using Elmer's glue sticks (that dry quickly) along with markers or crayons and staples when needed seem to work out best.

I gave Sunshine choices between four Star Wars paper plate crafts. 

She chose to make the Baby Yoda and BB-8 and was quite successful at both with some assistance cutting and gluing. 

Star Wars Cartoons for Younger Children

As mentioned above, Sunshine isn't quite ready for the Star Wars movies yet. But, she was ready for the new Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures cartoon that premiered on Disney Junior at 9 AM on Star Wars Day and definitely enjoyed a Star Wars Rebels episode after craft time.

Star Wars Princess Leia Hair and Cartoons

No matter what age a child is, there is now something for everyone to watch who loves Star Wars.

Star Wars Learning Activities for Kids

FREE Star Wars Learning Activities for Kids

Next up on our schedule was morning school work for Sunshine. To make it extra special, my husband Jason printed out these super fun Star Wars activities to use. He is the one who does morning school work with Sunshine.

Both my husband and I were surprised just how much Sunshine enjoyed these activities. She did more math in one day than she had in the last week, all thanks to Star Wars.

While Sunshine did her morning work, Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess started planning and preparing for their impromptu Star Wars Day party with friends in the evening.

They went to the store with me to purchase all of the food for the menu they had planned.

In the afternoon, after lunch preparations for dinner and evening fun were fully underway.

Sunshine and Princess were helping with food prep. Dinomite and Bulldozer were cleaning the house.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kabobis Preparation

Sunshine was VERY excited as she was going to a "friend's" house/babysitter for the evening, bringing her meal and snacks with her.

A Star Wars Day Party for Teens

There's nothing like putting together a Star Wars Day Party in less than 24 hours. Dinomite had the idea on May 3rd at 9 PM. The party started on May 4th at 5 PM.

Thankfully, thanks to Pinterest and the help of three teens, it was pretty easy.

I can not take any credit for the fun and cheesy food names or ideas. Those came from Seed at the Table along with the free food label cards. 

My teens thought they were absolutely perfect for their group of friends.

Luke Skywater Bottles

One of our drink options was Luke Skywater Bottles. These worked out very well no matter what part of the house guests were in.

Star Wars Themed Snacks

Next on the list of foods were Thermal Detonators and Padawan Popcorn. Since some of our guests have dietary needs, we kept all of the toppings for popcorn on the side for people to add.

Star Wars Themed Treats

Death Star Donuts and Hans Rolos were also available treats. We made delicious gluten free chocolate donuts for those who couldn't have the donut holes.

Star Wars Dinner

Dinner with friends consisted of pork with the label, "Come to the pork side." We provided dinner rolls and coleslaw along with BBQ sauce for those who wanted it.

Next were an option to create "7 Leia Bean Dip" with "Trooper Scooper" tortilla chips.

Finally we served Obi-Wan Kabob-ies and the option of green milk and blue milk. The recipe I found for green milk did not turn out that great, but the blue milk was a HUGE hit. 

Star Wars Day with Friends

After dinner the kids put in a Star Wars movie, laughing and talking the entire movie. 

Sunshine had an equally fun time with her friend/babysitter.

Everyone loved the food and entertainment.

Star Wars Day at our house this year was a huge success with everyone! We hope our celebration inspires you to create one that works for everyone in your family.

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A Star Wars Day Celebration