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Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

When a child loves plants as much as Sunshine, it only makes sense to introduce the process of pollination. 

These Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables have been such a huge hit! 

One may not think there's much to learn about pollination, but there is!

Do you know how many animals actually pollinate?

These activities introduce several and so much more.

Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Montessori Flower Puzzle and Cards

Montessori Flower Puzzle and Label Cards

As we've started learning about plants, Sunshine has shown a huge interest in the Montessori puzzles. 

While studying pollination, I brought out the flower puzzle

I was a bit surprised as how much she struggled with this puzzle, needing assistance and prompts to cut down on frustration. 

Despite struggles, she chose it every day until she could do it by herself.

Source: The free printable for this activity can be found on TpT.

Animal Pollinators Sort Activity

Pollinators Animal Sort

I wasn't sure how well Sunshine would take to an in depth activity about pollination. 

When putting this activity together I made sure there was an option of a "short" version of the activity, and then the longer one.

The short version of the activity involves using the simple animal label cards and matching them to the animal figures provided.

The longer version is matching the simple animal cards to the figures and then sorting specific animal cards and placing them under the correct animal card and figure.

Animal figures come from our huge collection of Safari Ltd Toobs and Life Cycles.

Pollinators Sorting Activity in Action

To my surprise, Sunshine loved sorting all of the cards, learning about so many different types of animals that pollinate. 

She chose this activity every day it was on the shelves and only once went with the "shorter" version.

Source: The cards from this activity are included in our Pollination Printable Pack.

Flower and Animal Pollination Match Up

Pollination Flower and Animal Match Up

The previous activity talked about several different animals that pollinate. 

This activity focuses on specific flowers that certain animals choose to pollinate. 

Sunshine loves learning about flowers

This is the perfect extension to the basic flowers she's already learned about, expanding her flower identification and vocabulary repertoire.

Source: The cards from this activity are included in our Pollination Printable Pack.

Pollinators Writing Strips

Free Pollinators Writing Strips

I love how much Sunshine enjoys writing. Writing helps her learn concepts so much.

For this reason, we created Pollinator Writing Strips for her to enjoy.

They come in lowercase and uppercase letters.

Since Sunshine writes in only uppercase due to struggles she has with letters, I presented the uppercase version of this activity to her.

Pollinator Writing Strips

Sunshine has enjoyed writing the pollinator names on the writing strips, using the control provided. 

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Pollination Activities for Kids with Free Printables

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