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Montessori-inspired Atoms Activities for Kids with Free Bonus Printable

Dinomite has become passionate about chemistry thanks to our wonderful astronomy studies.  He personally requested that we make materials to feed his new obsession.  This has resulted in the creation of a new chemistry bundle.  

Part of the chemistry bundle is the Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack.  I must admit it's one of my favorite parts of the bundle.  Today I'm excited to share with you what it looks like in action!

At the end of the post you'll also find a free bonus printable to add to this wonderful resource designed specifically for little ones.

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action with Free Bonus Printable

The Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack is a fabulous resource for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.  It can be used in so many ways depending on the needs of your children.

This printable pack:

  • Introduces 20 atoms by electrons, protons, and neutrons
  • Encourages children to create atoms using controls provided
  • Expands to allow for the creation of all atoms with templates

More than anything it's super fun to use in so many different ways!

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action

Here are four ways our kiddos have been using the Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack at home.

Montessori-inspired Atoms Activities for Kids

Creating Atoms using Pom Poms

Building Atoms with Pom Poms

Sunshine has fun building atoms with pom poms using tweezers to transfer them from the bowl to her mat.

Using the control provided she is able to place electrons, protons, and neutrons in the correct spots.

Painting Atoms

Painting Atoms

Dinomite enjoys using paint to create his atoms.  He uses one of the templates in the printable pack and fills in the information at the bottom using a pencil.

Creating Atoms with Play Dough

Creating Atoms with Play Dough

Bulldozer really likes using play dough to create his atoms.  It is great fine motor practice for him.  Just like his brother, he uses a template and fills in the bottom using a white board marker.  (His template is laminated.)

Drawing Atoms with Markers

Drawing Atoms

Princess prefers to use markers for her atom creations.  Using a control she fills in one of the templates and writes important information at the bottom.

Other Fun Ways to Use the Atoms Printable Pack

We don't have the materials on hand, but one could easily use Q-tips or do-a-dot markers to create atoms.  

If you're feeling really ambitious you could use pipe cleaners and pony beads.  The sky is really the limit!

Montessori-inspired Atoms Bonus Freebie

For those who are looking for the perfect printable for younger preschool aged children, the Atoms Bonus Freebie is perfect!  

It includes do-a-dot templates for electrons and a space to place protons and neutrons.  Printables focus on numbers 1-10 and no higher.

Montessori-inspired Atoms Bonus Freebie

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The Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack is such a fun resource for kids trying to understand atoms.   We can't get enough of it!

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Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action with Free Bonus Printable