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Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Sunshine is turning seven in less than a month.  Developmentally and emotionally she is right about four years old, which is one of my favorite ages.

Though Sunshine had an incredibly rough Spring, she is doing amazing now and has made so much progress when working through emotions, being patient with herself and with others.  

We are so excited to celebrate her success by allowing her to have items she previously couldn't handle due to safety issues.  Each and every item on this wish list Sunshine picked out on her own.  She was quite specific and opinionated about it if you want to know the truth.  Lol.

If you have a little girl on your shopping list this holiday season, these Gift Ideas for Little Girls, personally selected by Sunshine may be exactly what you need for inspiration!

Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Let's take a closer look at what Sunshine picked out!

Gift Ideas for Little Girls: Board Games

Sunshine loves board games and card games so long as they are easy enough for her to play with ease.  Her siblings love playing them with her too which means we're able to fit in some extra family time on a regular basis.  We're very excited about the new games she's selected!

SET Junior Board Game

Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game

The Fairy Game (Purchased)

ZOORegatta Board Game

Pengaloo Game (Purchased)

Disney Tsum Mancala Board Game

Gift Ideas for Little Girls: Dress Up

Sunshine has been begging for dress up clothes.  This makes perfect sense as most four year olds love dress up.  However, Sunshine's size and sensory issues complicate things a bit.  She is notorious for picking off sequins, buttons, jewels, etc.  Sunshine does not like wearing anything with buttons, snaps, zippers, etc.  And then there's the itch factor.  Say goodbye to Disney Princess dress up gowns!

Thankfully there are some other options out there.  Designers have become very creative when it comes to pajamas for kids, so much that they're just sensory friendly costumes.  Sunshine is so excited to receive any and all of these dress up outfits to wear at home and on the go.  Lol.

Bell Blue Dress Size 10-12

Kids' Dinosaur Pajamas Size 10-12

DC Comics Girls' Wonderwoman Pajamas Nightgowm Size 10-12

Lion Pajamas Size 125 (Purchased)

Pink Stitch Pajamas Size 125

Color Unicorn Pajamas Size 125 (Purchased)

Gift Ideas for Little Girls: Doll House Accessories
Last year for Christmas Sunshine received her fist doll house. She played with it for hours and hours, that is until her furniture that we bought to go along with it started to break.  I must confess, we went the cheapest route we could not knowing how she'd respond to the doll house and accessories at the time.  We definitely paid for our mistake.

Throughout the year we have been rebuilding her collection of furniture with sturdy replacements, which she's loved.  Hape has some pretty incredible doll house furniture!  The items below are ones that she's specified she still needs.  The family in particular is important to her as it includes grandparents and baby, which she doesn't have.

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Dining Room Set (Purchased)

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Kitchen Set with Accessories (Purchased)

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Family Bathroom Set (Purchased)

 Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Master Bedroom Set

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Baby's Room Set (Purchased)

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Children's Room with Accessories

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Patio Set with Accessories (Purchased)

Hape Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Family Car Play Set

Melissa & Doug 7-piece Poseable Wooden Doll Family (Purchased)

Sunshine has always loved books, but has struggled to care for them properly.  Over the past six months she has done so well with them that she's now able to keep all of her book in her bedroom.  

When asking her what she wanted for Christmas and her birthday one of the first things she asked for was more books.  She has a ton of nonfiction books, but has decided it's time for some fun ones with her favorite characters too.  

Knowing that Sunshine will literally sit down and look at books for almost an hour at a time, we went with larger books with multiple stories to keep her occupied.  I must confess Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to the variety that larger books provide as well for nighttime story time.

Disney Pixar Storybook Collection (Purchased)

Disney Story Book Collection 3rd Edition (Purchased)

Disney Story Book Collection 4th Edition

A Treasury of Curious George (Purchased)

Curious George Big Book of Adventures

Mickey and Minnie Storybook Collection

Gift Ideas for Little Girls: Animal Figures and Accessories
Anyone who has been to our home knows we have a very large collection Schleich and Safari Ltd. animal figures.  It all started with Dinomite who was and still is obsessed with dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, and wildlife.  Our collection grew with Bulldozer's love for farm animals and elephants.  Then came our Montessori preschool journey which definitely rounded things out.

Now, it seems it's Sunshine's time to enjoy animal figures.  Of course she has her own interests when it comes to animals, preferring forest animals and horses, which none of her siblings have shown an interest in before.  She also enjoys taking care of her animals and has requested food for them, which is also new in this house.

Schleich North America Forest Babies Set

Schleich North American Forest Dweller Set

Schleich Forest Animals Baby Set

Schleich Wildlife Mountain Animals

Schleich Wildlife European Forest Dwellers

Schleich Feed Set

Schleich North America Feed for Pigs and Piglets

Schleich North America Cow and Calf Feed

Schleich Feed for Dogs and Cats

Schleich Tinker Family Set of 3 Horses with Feed (Purchased)

Gift Ideas for Little Girls: Art Supplies

Sunshine loves art!  She always has, but this year her passion has grown even stronger.  With our kid friendly art area in the house, it's normal to see her working on some project at least once a day.  The products below are ones that she's requested.  Note: There are two links for paint. Each one is different.  

Crayola Washable Tempora Paint Pack of 12 (Purchased)

Do-A-Dot Art 6 Pack

Melissa & Doug Favorite Things Wooden Stamp Set

Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Pad (Purchased)

Colored Construction Paper 500 Pack (Purchased)

Crayola Pip-Squeak Skinnies Washable Markers 64 Count

Gift Ideas for Little Girls: LEGO Junior

All of Sunshine's siblings have loved LEGO from the moment they were old enough to build with them.  Sunshine is no exception.  This year it's her turn to start building up her own collection.  

We're not starting with just any LEGO set though.  The LEGO Juniors kits are specifically designed for younger kids who have progressed past LEGO duplos but aren't quite ready for the regular LEGO sets.  They're designed for kids ages 4-7, which is absolutely perfect in Sunshine's case.

Sunshine absolutely loves Disney, so it seemed only natural to put the specific sets below on her wish list.  She is so excited about each and every one.

LEGO Juniors Disney Princess: Beauty and the Beast-Belle's Story Time (Purchased)

LEGO Juniors Ariel's Underwater Concert (Purchased)

LEGO Juniors Ariel's Dolphin Carriage Playset

LEGO Juniors Disney Frozen: Anna and Elsa's Frozen Playground (Purchased)

LEGO Juniors Snow White's Forest Cottage

LEGO Juniors Cinderella's Carriage

Sunshine loves watching movies as much as her brothers do and looks forward to her Saturday movie night all week.  Though still frightened easily, she's watched all of the movies on this list and loved them enough to want her own copy.  I'm excited to build up our Disney collection!

The Emporer's New Groove in Blu-ray

Hercules in Blu-ray

Tangled in Blu-ray

Sleeping Beauty in Blu-ray

Peter Pan in Blu-ray

Lady and the Tramp in Blu-ray (Purchased)

I think I may be as excited as Sunshine is about her wish list this year as it has so many fun items on it. I hope you've found some great inspiration from it as well!

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