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NEW Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle

Over the past several months I have received request after request from readers for art and music resources.  The NEW Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle is my answer to that request!

Jason and I have worked around the clock for over a month putting this together for you.  And I must say it is magnificent.  

Nowhere else will you find this many amazing Montessori friendly art and music resources that are so detailed in one place.

Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle

Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle

The Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle consists of three parts.
  • Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle
  • Montessori-inspired Music History Bundle
  • Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle
(It would have included more but our laptop died very unexpectedly and with it was the fourth part to this bundle as well as the bonuses.  Sigh.)

 Each part sells separately for $19.99 and consists of about 100 pages give or take.

For one week only, Wednesday, October 10th through Tuesday, October 16th, you can receive all three bundles for only $14.99, which is 75% off of the regular price.

Don't wait though.  After the week is over you will have to purchase each part of the Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle separately.

Now for those who are looking for more details about the bundle, just take a look at all that's included!

Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle

The Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle introduces 26 of the greatest artists of all time.  Each artist has its own:
  • Nomenclature Card
  • Artist and Art Match Up
  • Artist and Information Match Up
  • First Letter Sound Clip Card
  • Syllable Counting Clip Card
  • Artist Writing Strip

Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle

 And that's not all! 

Also included in this bundle are sorting activities by art time period, as well as an explanation about what each art period was like.

You'll find an art around the world sorting activity where different art pieces are sorted by continent.

Finally the bundle concludes with different art technique nomenclature cards, sorting cards, and definitions.

You will be absolutely amazed at how detailed every part of this bundle is. 

All artwork in this bundle is appropriate for children.

Montessori-inspired Music History Bundle

The Montessori-inspired Music History Bundle follows the same basic layout as the Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle except for a few minor changes.

Children are introduced to 26 of the greatest composers of all time with the following activities:
  • Nomenclature Cards
  • Composer and Spotlight Musical Composition Match Up
  • Composer and Information Match Up
  • First Letter Sound Clip Cards
  • Syllable Counting Clip Cards
  • Composer Writing Strips
Montessori-inspired Music History Bundle

Also included in the bundle are the following activities:

  • Musical Instruments from Around the World Continent Sort
  • Composers by Time Period Sort
Information about composers and time periods are written in a way that children will understand them.  

The musical composition pieces featured here are those that children will enjoy and most favored from each composer.

Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle

The Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle is  jam packed with so many amazing resources for teachers, parents and children.

The bundle starts out with an introduction to musical notation and includes the following activities:
  • Musical Notation Nomenclature Cards
  • Musical Notation Image and Definition Match Up
  • Musical Notation Sorting Cards
  • My Book of Music Notes and Rests

Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle

What's extra fun about this bundle is that specific concepts such as dynamics, pitch, and tempo are taught using animals.

There's also an activity that teaches about repeat signs using a Hot Wheels Car and traffic lights.

Children are introduced to sheet music in a way that's not intimidating to identify specific musical notation.

And last but certainly not least, children are introduced to the keyboard, learning letter names of each key including flats and sharps.

All activities are presented in a Montessori friendly way that's fun for everyone.

Even if you're interested in just one part of the Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle, consider purchasing everything. 

I promise you will not regret it. Everyone who has seen it already has raved about it and can't get over how much love and detail has gone into each page.

Don't wait! Grab your Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle today!

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