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FREE Prime Numbers Printable Pack

As we've been working with fractions, I realized my kiddos could really benefit from more practice with prime numbers.  The memorization of prime numbers makes reducing fractions so much easier.  

When I started looking around for prime number resources, I realized there were very few out there.  

My kiddos usually need a lot of reinforcing and review, so I decided to create the FREE Prime Numbers Printable Pack to help!

FREE Montessori-inspired Prime Numbers Printable Pack

FREE Montessori-inspired Prime Numbers Printable Pack

The FREE Montessori-inspired Prime Numbers Printable Pack includes four activities that can help kids learn and memorize prime numbers.

Prime Number Nomenclature Cards

The first resource is a set of prime number nomenclature cards.  Prime numbers are in red to distinguish from composite numbers.  

Students can use these cards the traditional Montessori way or as a memory game. I will be laminating them and putting them together with a ring for control purposes.

Prime Number Clip Cards

Second in the printable pack is a set of clip cards.  My kiddos will decide if each card number is a prime or composite number and mark the correct side of the card using a glass bead.

Prime Number Do-a-Dot Activity

Third in the printable pack is a fill in the dot activity.  Kids use a stamp, glass bead, or other manipulative to mark the circle below the prime number.  

Prime Number Hundred Board Activity

Fourth is a hundred board activity where students mark the prime numbers or fill in the blanks depending on which template you choose to use.

It's my hope that through using these activities my kiddos will be able to feel more confident with their prime numbers and more quickly progress through all of our fraction curriculum.

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Prime Climb Board Game

Prime Climb Board Game

Many of you know we LOVE to reinforce concepts through board and card games on Friday Game Day in our classroom.

One of our favorite math games is Prime Climb!

Prime Climb is the perfect game for kids who know basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and are learning or reviewing prime numbers.

It is a game the entire family can play together, which we love.

My favorite aspect of the game is the color coding of each circle on the game. Every color stands for something different that really helps children in the process of playing.

If you're looking for some fun while practicing prime numbers, this board game is it!

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