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Montessori-inspired Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Sunshine is turning six! I can't believe it.  She has been talking about her birthday nonstop.  At the same time, every day she keeps telling me she has too many toys and wants to get rid of some.  Needless to say her wish list was a little bit of a challenge this year.

The good news is, if I had to pin point one area of life where she just can't get enough, it's learning.  She LOVES to learn.  Right now she's big into astronomy, geography, history, zoology, and botany.  It only seemed appropriate to put together some Montessori-inspired gift ideas for little girls.

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Let's take a closer look at Sunshine's requests this year!

Montessori-inspired Gift Idea for Little Girls


One of Sunshine's favorite things to do since we moved to Virginia is stargaze.  She's come a long way in just six short months from being afraid to even step foot outside in the dark, to enjoying campfires safely, and then laying on a blanket and to look at stars.  We definitely are excited to encourage this new hobby!

A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations is a great book to teach Sunshine about the night sky.  We are always looking for constellations, shooting stars and more.

Purchased The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space is a book we've checked out from the library but still don't own. It's the perfect book for Sunshine to enjoy.  Lately she's been very big into encyclopedia type picture books.

Purchased Animals in the Stars Lacing Cards are a great way for Sunshine to practice fine motor skills which she needs some help with, while at the same time learning some of the constellations in the sky!

Purchased Binoculars are a hot item in this house. Only Dinomite owns his own pair.  Sunshine gets quite upset that she doesn't have any to use, especially when outside. Just imagine how many more stars she could see with them.

PurchasedWaterproof Blanket has been deemed a necessity while star gazing. We've been bringing blankets out from inside, but they always soak through with dew and we end up getting wet.  This seems to be the perfect blanket for Sunshine as she refuses to look at stars any other way.

The Space Shuttle is such an adorable plush item!  Sunshine can still only keep soft items in her room.  We figure it's time we add a vehicle.  What better one than a space shuttle!

Montessori-inspired Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Geography & History

Sunshine is LOVING geography and history.  She gets so excited when identifying her continents and learning all about them.  As a family we've been focusing on American History this year and she finds it absolutely fascinating.

Purchased The National Geographic First Big Book of the World is yet another encyclopedia like picture book that Sunshine seems to gravitate to right now.  It's perfect to look at while she wants to stay close to Mommy and Daddy in the kitchen.

The Hug-A-Planet Earth and Moon 2 Piece Bundle is something that Sunshine saw a while ago and has begged for ever since. I love that the set is soft and that she can keep it in her room.

Purchased The National Geographic Kids Beginner's World Atlas is yet another book that will entertain Sunshine for hours, when she decides she doesn't want to go play in her room but instead sit in the kitchen while Mommy or Daddy prepare a meal.

"Anne of Jamestown" is a doll that Sunshine saw while we were at Jamestown that she loved.  Already she has one from the Colonial Williamsburg Era that she dresses and undresses everyday, and sleeps with at night.  Of course Sunshine wants the complete set!

Purchased "Winganusk of the Powhatans" is the perfect doll to remind Sunshine how much she LOVED learning about the Native American Indians while in Yorktown, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.  It also goes along perfectly with the doll she already has and the others on this list.

Mukambu of Ndongo" Doll is yet another doll from the Williamsburg area.  While visiting we learned about three different perspectives: the colonist, Indians, and those that had been kidnapped from Africa and sold as slaves.  A doll set from that era wouldn't be complete without this beautiful addition.

Montessori-inspired Gift Ideas for Little Girls


It's no secret that Sunshine has always loved biology.  At this particular time she's quite obsessed with the plants and animals in our yard and in the fields behind our house.  Life wouldn't be the same if Sunshine wasn't learning something new in these areas.

Purchased The Learning Resources Let's Grow: A Life Cycles Game is perfect for Sunshine right now and helps her learn the life cycles of animals around her.

Purchased The National Geographic Wild Animal Atlas is great for those times when Sunshine just likes to lay on the floor with a book.

Purchased Set of 10'' and 6'' Deer (Mommy and Baby) is very specific to Sunshine's love and adoration for the family of deer that we see daily behind our house in the fields and sometimes in our yard.  There are 7 deer total.  We've seen the babies grow from their tiniest size to looking like full grown adults now.  If you choose this gift, be sure to order both size deer, the mama and the baby.

The Harvest Time Cooperative Game has received great reviews and is the type of game Sunshine can play without worrying who wins or loses.  And it's about plants!

PurchasedFlower and Leaf Press has become a necessity in Sunshine's life.  She is constantly picking flowers and leaves but is devastated when they crumble, tear, or die.  With a flower and leaf press she'll be able to keep her treasures forever!

The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups is perfect for Sunshine and her obsession with trees.  I have never met a child who can drive down the highway and pick out all of the trees that she sees, identifying them by name.  That is until we moved here and the trees are different.  She's desperately trying to figure out what everything is. This book is the sure thing to help her.

It's so fun to see Sunshine's interests blossom.  Over the past few months she just craves learning as much as she can.  The most exciting thing of all is that she's absorbing it!

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  1. These are great ideas that my slightly older daughters would also like. Nice to see things that would withstand the test of time for sustained interest, rather than the latest expensive, cheaply made toy planted in the middle of the aisle at Wal-mart which are guaranteed to be seen by my kids as I am trying to wend my way out the door.

    Thank you for doing the research to come up with these and saving me time.