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Bulldozer is Baptized a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

I've been thinking a lot about Bulldozer and his baptism lately.  Since moving to VA this boy has blossomed in so many ways.  Bulldozer absolutely loves church and shows a sincere desire to attend each week.  He's started participating in the cub scout program.  Each week he talks about his friends and loves to spend time with them.  I couldn't be happier.

There have been some hiccups along the way, and currently we're trying to help him through some difficult transitions, but when I look at how far he's come, I'm amazed.  This is the kid that wouldn't participate in primary until he was seven years old and that was only with a parent.  

Bulldozer was petrified of baptism and showed no desire until three months before his 8th birthday when he decided it was okay to put his head under water.

As I've been reflecting on Bulldozer's special baptism day, I realized I didn't ever share it with you.  There were some complications with pictures, and so only tonight did I finish editing them all.  It only took me a year.  Lol.  The pictures aren't perfect, but you see the joy and happiness in Bulldozer's eyes in almost every one.  He truly shined that day.  It was perfect!

Here are memories from when Bulldozer was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

I realized right before Dinomite's baptism that it would be wise to hire a photographer for the special occasion.  Sure I could take photos, but I wanted to be there for my son, and didn't want to miss a single precious moment.

Dinomite being my first, I wasn't really sure what types of pictures I wanted so the few that were taken worked, but I knew for Bulldozer's baptism, I wanted more.  I wanted to capture the day in as many ways as I could.

Note: All photos were taken before and after the baptism and confirmation, NOT during.
We were really hesitant about moving forward with Bulldozer's baptism.  Due to his autism, ADHD, and history in primary, we wanted to make sure he understood what he was doing and that we had other eyes and ears on him to confirm that in fact he was ready.

As part of this process we had the missionaries over on several occasions to teach him the discussions.  Bulldozer loved to have them come over and developed such a great relationship with them.  I feel this helped so much as we grew closer to his special day.
My husband Jason performed the baptism.  Bulldozer was so proud of himself for enjoying the process.  Like I mentioned earlier, it was only three short months before his special day that he decided it was okay to put his head under water.
At Dinomite's baptism, I didn't realize until afterward that not one photo of him and I was taken. Though I'm not a fan of being in pictures, I wanted to be sure I had one this time around.  Looking at Bulldozer's genuine smile, the photo was so worth it!
Dinomite with his younger cousin Cam.
The baptism was conducted by a member of the bishopric. Bulldozer chose the opening hymn/song.  An opening prayer was said and then Dinomite gave a talk on baptism, per Bulldozer's request.  Somehow I missed getting a photo of the two brothers together this time around, but the one above will work as it's my favorite picture of Dinomite from the day.
After the baptism while Jason and Bulldozer were getting dressed, two of Bulldozer's friends played beautiful music.  Bulldozer had specifically asked that they play at his baptism.  He loves these girls and their music!
Once Bulldozer was back from dressing, a talk was given on the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Bulldozer asked the mother of his two favorite girls to speak.  She gave an amazing talk relating the gift of the Holy Ghost to Star Wars and the "Power of the Force."  Everyone knows Bulldozer is obsessed with Star Wars.  He loved it!
My husband confirmed Bulldozer a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Bulldozer specifically asked all of the men in this picture to stand in his confirmation circle.
After Bulldozer was confirmed, the Primary President of our ward was the first to welcome him as an official baptized and confirmed member.  She gave a beautiful talk that included a bag of chocolate which Bulldozer LOVED.
Before the reception, we gathered everyone who was in attendance for a picture.  Due to Bulldozer's anxieties this was an invitation only baptism.  We so loved all those who came for his special day!
All of the kids did very well before, during, and after the baptism. I was one proud Mama!
Bulldozer could not imagine the day without his favorite buddy PJ, his mentor from a one-to-one program in our community.
When asked what Bulldozer wanted served after his baptism, he requested a dessert bar.  Several of the sisters from our ward made all types of delicious chocolatey treats.  Bulldozer was in heaven.
We were so excited that three sets of grandparents, an aunt, and a cousin were all able to be in attendance for Bulldozer's special day.  Some drove over two hours to be there.
All four kids with their Grandma Rose
Whenever grandparents are around we try to capture some fun photos. Knowing the kids were pretty burned out at this point, we told them they could make any face they wanted.  Here's the results!
All four kids with Grandma Toni and Grandpa  Ron
I love all of the expressions on their faces.
All four kids with Grandpa Rob and Grandma Jackie
I can not think of a more perfect baptism day than the one Bulldozer had.  He just radiated with the spirit and soaked up so much attention from all of those that love him.

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  1. It's wonderful that Bulldozer could make so many of the choices about his baptism. He looks so happy.(By the way, you look very cute in that picture.) I am sure the ceremony was much more meaningful to him than if he'd had to follow a rigid,serious script with no wiggle room.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your family's happy, joy filled occasion.