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Montessori-inspired Botany Gifts and Resources for Kids

Sunshine, our youngest daughter has autism.  When it comes to learning she is obsessed about botany, the study of plants.  She loves to study trees, flowers, leaves and basically anything that has to do with plant life.  If there are botany activities on her Montessori shelves, she is as happy as can be.

In the spirit of following Sunshine's interests I have gathered together a list of Montessori-inspired Botany Gifts and Resources to use when I'm in need of a gift or a learning resource for her.  I couldn't resist sharing my fabulous finds.  If you're looking for botany gifts or resources, this is the ultimate guide!
Montessori-inspired Botany Gifts and Resources for Kids
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Gifts and resources are divided by category.  I couldn't believe how many fabulous gifts and resources there are out there.  The project was definitely eye opening.  

Montessori Botany Materials

Montessori Botany Materials

For those looking for traditional Montessori botany materials, you can find all of the necessities below.

Montessori-inspired Gifts and Resources for Kids


If you're looking for general plant life gifts and resources I've recommended my favorites below.   There are so many out there to choose from.  These are not organized in any particular order.  Depending on the age and abilities of your child will determine what you might want to try out.

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Cooperative Board Game

Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy

Green Kids Botany Discover Kit

American Educational Dicot Stem Plant Model

Schleich Plants and Feeding Set

Schleich Fern Accessory

Schleich Agave Accessory

Plant Cell Anatomy Model

Learning Resources Cross-Section Plant Model

Safari Ltd. Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant


For those who love leaves like Sunshine, there are a few items specific to this particular interest that would work amazingly in the classroom or as a gift.

Young Naturalist Leaf Identification Kit

Creativity Street Leaf Set Embossed Paper

Wooden Leaves Lacing Game

Montessori-inspired Tree Gifts and Resources for Kids


I never realized there were so many fun tree themed resources out there.  No matter the age of your child there's something for everyone.

Playmobil Large and Small Pine Trees

Plan Toys Balancing Tree Game

Tree Rings Set

Tree Blocks

Plan Toys Stacking Tree

Fandex Family Field Guides: Tree

Safari Ltd Trees Toob

Schleich Palm Tree Accessory

Montessori-inspired Flower Gift and Resources for Kids


I have fallen in love with so many of the flower themed gift and resources out there for the classroom and at home.  They are so beautiful!

Wilton Cookie Cutter 7 Piece Metal Mini Garden 

Colorful Garden Paper Party Straws

Wilton Mini Flower Silicone Mold

Double Sided Flower Puzzle

Little Flowers Wooden Puzzle Stacker

HABA Bonita Garden

Flower Press

Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset


Just so we don't leave anything out, if you're planning to study roots or have a child that is particularly interested in them, the resources below may help you out.  There's not much, but enough to dive into a fun study.

Root-Vue Farm

Montessori-inspired Vegetable Gifts and Resources for Kids


For those planning a study of vegetables or for a child who loves vegetables in general, there are some great gift and resources out there that are Montessori friendly.

Vegetables Wooden Cube Block Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Cutting Vegetables Puzzle Play Set 1

Wooden Cutting Vegetables Puzzle Play Set 2

Plan Toys Assorted Vegetable Playset

Vegetables Wooden Magnetic Set

Mushroom with Screw

Montessori-inspired Fruit Gifts and Resources for Kids


And let's not forget fruit!  Whether your child is learning fruit names or practicing fine motor skills, there are so many choices.

Wooden Cutting Fruit Puzzle Play Set 1

Wooden Cutting Fruit Puzzle Play Set 2

Fruit Threading Wisdom Tree

Hape Fruit Knob Toddler Wooden Puzzle

Fruit Abacus

Melissa and Doug Fruit Basket Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

Fun with Fruit Stencils

Guidecraft Count and Lace Fruit

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

Wooden Colorful Branches, Leaves, and Fruit Tree

Plan Toys Assorted Fruit Playset

Fruit Counters

Fruit Wooden Magnet Set

Montessori-inspired Garden Gifts and Resources for Kids


Last but not least, if you have a child who enjoys gardening, these resources are great!  I can't recommend these products enough.  They are staples at our house.

Toysmith Big Gardens Tool Set

Toysmith Kid's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

Radio Flyer's Kid's Wheelbarrow

Melissa and Doug Chameleon Watering Can

Harvest Time-A Co-Operative Game

Plan Toy Doll House Vegetable Garden

Green Toys Watering Can

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit

Nature Series: Science on a Garden Adventure

Happy shopping!  Never would I have ever guessed there were so many fabulous resources for a child who loves plants.  I can't wait to purchase some of these items for our classroom and others as gifts for holidays.

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Montessori-inspired Botany Gifts and Resources for Kids

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