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Montessori-inspired Children's Books about Plants

Botany, the study of plants, is a classic component of the Montessori method, it fits in perfectly with the principles that Dr. Montessori believed were essential to a quality childhood education. It combines subject-specific vocabulary and immersive, hands-in-the-soil practical work activities. Like all great subjects, botany has been the focus of many great nonfiction books for children. Here are some of our favorite Montessori-inspired Children's Books about Plants.

Montessori-inspired Children's Books About Plants
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Books About Plants, Berries, Nuts and Seeds

Berries, Nuts, and Seeds by Diane Burns is a fabulous addition to the Young Naturalist Field Guides series. These are no nonsense books that are written to get you outside and engaging with nature. We love how these books feature plants that you can find in your backyard, making the subject immediately more interesting and alive for kids.

Books About Plants-From Seed to Plant

From Seed to Plant is written by Gail Gibbons, one of the most prolific preschool authors ever. Realistic, yet whimsical illustrations are accompanied by simple yet thorough text. This one is a classic for beginning readers and a must-read for Gibbons fans.

Books About Plants-Incredible Plants

Incredible Plants by DK Books is a great addition to any botany themed book list. The DK books are known for their incredible photography, in-depth information and fun facts. This book takes the opposite approach of the Young Naturalist book by featuring exotic plants from all around the world. A fun choice for young readers looking to explore the plant world more deeply.

Books About Plants-Plants Bite Back!

Plants Bite Back is a fun volume in the DK Eyewitness Readers series. Bulldozer especially loved this one, since he had never heard of carnivorous plants, and was amazed at the specimens featured here. Some children who are bored by botany in general may find their interest piqued by this book.

Plants Can't Sit Still

Plants Can't Sit Still by Rebecca Hirsch is a great choice for a preschool-aged reader. The illustrations by Mia Posada are charming and the text is simple and lyrical.  There are facts about each plant in the index, towards the end of the book. Preschoolers can relate to the theme: they can't sit still either.

Books About Plants-Plant Packages

Plant Packages by Susan Blackaby is a fun book because it zeroes in on a specific element of a plant: seeds. Children can learn to appreciate the amazing life of a seed.  The book also inspires children to plant their own seeds.

Books About Plants-Stems and Roots

Plant Stems & Roots is a very unique book that might appeal to the young reader looking for something a little different. The main feature here is a photo of a plant or plant part paired with a close-up photo of the same plant, revealing important details. If your child likes to see things inside and out in order to understand them, then this is the book you are looking for.

Books About Plants-Seeds

Seeds by Vijaya Khisty Bodach is another great example of a real science book written for beginning readers. The photographs are clear and detailed, with simple yet technically accurate text.  As lovely as illustrated books about plants can be, there is just something about seeing them in photographs that really captures their beauty and complexity. This book makes great use of photographs.

Books About Plants-Seed to Plant

National Geographic Readers Seed to Plant features many of the details that make all of the National Geographic Books so enjoyable: brilliant photography, dynamic page layouts, easy-to-read text, facts and figures. There are even jokes and riddles. You can't go wrong with National Geographic.  This one is especially good.

Books About Plants-What Do Roots, Stems, Leaves, and Flowers Do?

What do Roots, Stems, Leaves, and Flowers Do? by Ruth Owen serves as an ideal introduction to the scientific study of plants by posing questions and answers for young readers to ponder.  The photography stands out here, with clever images that spark the imagination. Asking questions and investigating answers is the first step of the scientific method, making this book a good choice to plant some seeds of your own, in the minds of your budding scientists at home.

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Montessori-inspired Children's Books About Plants