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My apologies for anyone anticipating more Thanksgiving activities.  Our family has taken a little break from learning time.  (Just one week.)  It's the first vacation we've had since... I don't know when.  I was feeling a little burned out.  The kiddos were sick.  We needed to do some major rearranging in the house.  Our learning time schedule has needed some changes and additions, as I have now taken over speech, occupational, and physical therapies for the kiddos.  Plus, we've had several specialist appointments for all of the kiddos resulting in referrals and more appointments. Lucky us!  No need to worry though. We're back in full swing this week and will have new activities posted by next week.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Unit: Pilgrims with Free Printables

This week we're studying the Pilgrims as part of our Thanksgiving Unit.  I had all of these fabulous thoughts of creating amazing and original activities, but plans don't always materialize.  

I've learned the theme of Pilgrims is a challenging one, best taught through the reading of fabulous books, with a few added activities.  Mind you, our shelves are still full.  I found some amazing free printables out there!

The kids have not learned or studied pilgrims before, so our focus was understanding what a pilgrim is.

Thanksgiving Unit: Pilgrims

Thanksgiving Unit: Pilgrims with Free Printables

Salt Tray Lower Case Letters

Salt Tray Lower Case Letters

This activity has been on the shelves for several weeks now with a rotation of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.  I'm hoping that this will be the last week.  

Bulldozer is becoming quite proficient at writing all of his letters and numbers in the sand.  It has been such an added bonus that Bulldozer LOVES this activity and chooses it every day.  He has really needed the practice.

Source:  The free lowercase letter cards can be found at Homeschool Creations.

P is for Pilgrim Identification Activity

P is for Pilgrim Identification Activity

Dinomite and Princess mix up their b's and d's, and p's and q's on a regular basis.  I was super excited to find this activity, as it will help them with their identification of the correct letters in a fun way.

Source:  I found this free printable at Crystal & Co.

Pilgrim Irregular Plural Matching

Pilgrim Irregular Plural Matching

This is a continuation of our Indian Irregular Plural Matching activity last week.

Source:  I found this free printable at Speech Room News.

Pilgrims Sentence Scramble

Pilgrims Sentence Scramble


I fell in love with this activity when I found it.  I had been looking for a great sequencing activity for Bulldozer, as he struggles with that.  I also wanted to find a history activity, as I had none on our shelves.  We're reading a lot of books this week as part of our history and culture study but I was looking for more.

This activity ties everything I needed into one activity and more!  I'm not using it exactly the way its creator intended, but it's working out fabulously for us.

There are five sets of cards. Each set has a different picture on it.  Within each set are six word cards. One must arrange the six cards to create a sentence describing a Pilgrim event.  

A worksheet is provided for children to write the sentences once they create them.  I've decided to use the worksheet as a control to help the kiddos form their sentences, and to help them sequence the five sentences/events.  

To make the activity even greater, I decided to add in the Montessori black triangles for Dinomite.  He's been studying nouns during his morning work for over a week now.  Once he has all five sentences put together he'll place triangles above all of the nouns.  I'm so excited about this activity!

Source: I found this fabulous free printable at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Roll & Mark the Pilgrim Boy or Girl

Roll & Mark the Pilgrim Boy or Girl

I love the option of a girl or boy with this activity.  All of the kiddos were thrilled.  The kiddos will roll the dice, add the numbers, and place a marker on the answer. When they've placed markers on all of the numbers, they'll be done.  I'm loving dice activities, as Bulldozer does so well with them!

Source: I found these free printables at A Cupcake for the Teacher.

Greater Than/Less Than Thanksgiving Activity

Greater Than/Less Than Thanksgiving Activity

One of our goals for the month is to master greater than/less than problems.  Dinomite does quite well with them.  This will be the first time I introduce them to Bulldozer and Princess.  I'm hoping they'll grasp the concept without too many struggles.

Greater Than/Less Than Thanksgiving Activity

I found these cute Thanksgiving printables to use.  Inside the bag are numbers they select for the problem.  The Montessori beads are there as a control, in case needed, when deciding which number is bigger.  

The final step will be to write down the problem on the record sheet, so we're able to keep track of how many problems each kiddo answers, and to practice our number writing.

Source:  The free Thanksgiving printables with numbers can be found at Royal Baloo.

Pilgrim and Indian Sort

Pilgrim and Indian Sort

Now that we've studied Indians and Pilgrims, I wanted to see how well the kiddos did at sorting out attire of each group.  Plus, I really wanted to sneak in a cutting activity.  It's been a while.  Under the sheet with the cut outs is a sorting sheet where the kiddos will glue their pictures.

Source: I found this free printable at 2 Teaching Mommies. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Fruit Matching Game

Pilgrim and Indian Sort

We continue our study of the food groups this week with fruits and vegetables.  I love this printable because there are so many different fruits to match and identify.  I find myself having to use the control, which means I'm learning too.  That's always a great thing!

Source: I found this free printable at The Helpful Garden.

Vegetable Matching Game

Vegetable Matching Game

We've used this game before as part of our Easter Unit.  It's always fun to bring out activities from the past.  The kiddos love it, as they feel confident knowing how great they'll do, before they even start.

Source:  I found this free printable at The Helpful Garden.

Splatter Masterpiece

Splatter Masterpiece

Our artist of the month is Jackson Pollock.  In case you don't know who he is, just open your Olivia book (the original), and you'll remember.  

This week we'll be making our own masterpieces, using the same method he does, perhaps just a little modified.  I made sure to water down the paints to help with the splattering.

Pilgrim Hat Table Decoration

Pilgrim Hat Table Decoration

This activity I did come up with all on my own, purely by accident.  (I literally almost ran into the pots at the craft store while looking for ideas.)  But I must say, it turned out beautifully. The best part is that it's SUPER easy for little ones!

The first step is to turn the pot upside down to look like a pilgrim hat.  Paint the pot black to the ridge.  Below the ridge (where the belt is), paint brown.  Once all is dry, which if using the correct paint shown above, will take less than 5 minutes, paint a yellow buckle on your brown belt.  

I used glittery black card stock for the rim of the hat, however plain black would look great too.  You can glue the rim onto your pot, but thanks to our adhesive allergy boy, we won't be able to do so. 

Perhaps we'll stick some surprise treats inside the hat for kiddos to find while they're waiting for their food to be put on their plates and cooled.  

I'm super excited to use these for name cards at our Thanksgiving dinner table. All I have to do is insert a stick in the hole at the top of the hat, with a little card attached.  They'll look adorable!

Pilgrim Color By Number Pages

Pilgrim Color By Number Pages

We haven't had a coloring activity on the shelves in a very long time. I thought this might be fun as we learn about the clothes the Pilgrims wore.  The color by number aspect of the activity makes it so the kiddos have to use the right colors.

Source:  I found these free printables at Activity Village.

Thanksgiving Do A Dot Activity

Thanksgiving Do A Dot Activity

The kiddos will use the tweezers to place pom poms on the printables. I provided different colored pom poms to provide variety in their pictures.

Source: I found these free printables at Crystal & Co.

Native American/Indian & Pilgrim Sensory Bin 

Native American/Indian & Pilgrim Sensory Bin

This is the same sensory bin from last week with the addition of all of our Indian corn kernels and Pilgrim minifigures.  It was a huge hit last week. I can only imagine how excited they'll be this week with new characters.

Source: I created this sensory bin.

Clothespin Color Matching

Clothespin Color Matching

I have seen this activity everywhere, but have never had it on our shelves. I decided this week to give it a try.  Instead of painting the sticks and clothespin or gluing pretty paper to them, I just used marker to color. It may not look as pretty, but it's fast and doesn't take forever.

Our Thanksgiving Unit is going well. The pilgrim activities are a hit!

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Thanksgiving Activities for Tots with Free Printables

These Montessori-inspired Thanksgiving Activities for Tots with Free Printables were created just for Sunshine to enjoy during the autumn holiday season. 

Though only two years old, Sunshine feels very much left out when she doesn't have learning activities like her siblings. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as she does!

Thanksgiving Activities for Tots

Here are Sunshine's newest activities!

Thanksgiving Activities for Tots with Free Printables

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin with Emphasis on the Letter P

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin with Emphasis on the Letter P

I had fun with this sensory bin. I thought about adding a few more items, like pigs that the Pilgrim's brought over etc., but I worried it would be too overwhelming for Sunshine.  

Sunshine's not the biggest fan of sensory bins. She won't put her hands in them, unless there's an object she'd like to pull out.  In this bin there are three letter Ps, and then three sets of match up cards and objects.  

I like to try to create some type of educational activity within the sensory bin for her, to keep her interest and increase vocabulary, as she still struggles with her speech.

This sensory bin includes, rice, popcorn kernels, Indian Corn, black beans, wheat berries, pasta, letters, cards, and objects.  

I made sure that if Sunshine decided to eat any or all of the objects, they were either too big to fit in her mouth or they were edible.  She craves oral stimulation, which usually leads to putting everything in her mouth.

Source: The cards used in this sensory bin can be found as part of a free Thanksgiving Packet at Homeschool Creations.

Pilgrim Coloring Page

Pilgrim Coloring Page

Sunshine loves to color, except for when she decides she doesn't.  

Usually she screams and cries, begging to color, as she sees her siblings doing. Then, the minute I give her paper and crayons, she decides she wants nothing to do with it.  Her older siblings have a similar coloring page on their shelve this week. 

I'm hoping eventually she'd decide to go for it and actually color.

Source: I found this free coloring page, along with one of a Pilgrim Boy at Activity Village.

Pumpkin Dot Tweezing Activity

Pumpkin Dot Tweezing Activity

I went back and forth with this activity, trying to decide if I wanted to use an orange dot marker, beads, play dough balls, or pom poms.  In the end I decided on pom poms.  

Sunshine has tasted these before and decided she wasn't a fan.  I worried that if I had to tend to Bulldozer or any of the other kiddos for a minute, I'd end up with orange dot marker all over the carpet, walls, and her clothes. 

Either that or Sunshine would decide to suck the ink out of the of the marker.  Bulldozer was notorious for that at this age.  And beads...  There's always the choking hazard.  Play dough ended up being used for other activities.

I'm guessing Sunshine won't choose to use the tweezers, but I'm sure she'll enjoy putting the pom poms on the pumpkin.  And maybe, just maybe, she'll attempt using the tweezers by the end of the week.

Source: This free pumpkin printable can be found at Crystal & Co., along with many other Thanksgiving themed pages.

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough Activity

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough Activity

If you haven't noticed, our color of the week is orange.  Sunshine really struggles with fine motor skills, especially when it comes to using her fingers properly.  

I just happened to have orange popsicle sticks on hand along with very large noodles that could easily fit over the sticks.  This is sure to be a hit!  It smells so good too.

Spooning Indian Corn Kernels

Spooning Indian Corn Kernels

The kiddos had a blast tweezing corn kernels last week. They've been fabulous to have around and use for other activities such as this.  I love all the rich fall colors.  They're so beautiful.

Sunshine struggles with feeding herself.  Every meal, she ends up using her hands to eat, as she becomes extremely frustrated with utensils.  Sunshine and frustration don't mix.  

I thought this might be a fun skill to practice when we're not eating.  

I selected a spoon that most resembles the size of her spoon.  

The corn kernels are small enough for practice, but large enough for when she dumps then all over the floor and needs to pick them up.  (It's actually a fabulous fine motor activity in itself.)  

I provided her with two bowls, just for fun and to increase the possibility of her deciding to practice pouring.

Gourd Fill & Spill

Gourd Fill & Spill

Sunshine is obsessed with putting items in and out of containers, especially when there's a lid involved. 

I can just see her now putting all of the gourds in the pitcher, putting the top on, taking the top off, pouring them back into the bin, and starting all over again.  

I love the simplicity of entertainment when kiddos are this age.

Throwing Practice with the Color Orange

Throwing Practice with the Color Orange

It's always fun to incorporate some type of gross motor activity on the shelves.  

Here I have a small waste basket, and three objects of varying textures, shapes, and weight.  There are no set instructions for this activity, as Sunshine will most likely have her own agenda.  

I'm sure she'll amaze me with all of the many functions she'll come up with for these four objects.

Play Dough Fork Practice

Play Dough Fork Practice

Once again I'm using my favorite pumpkin spice play dough for this activity.  

Sunshine struggles just as much using a fork, as she does a spoon.  I'm hoping this activity might help her understand the whole "stick" process.  

Sunshine will be asked to "stick" the play dough in the bowl, using the fork and transfer it to the plate. She'll need to use her fingers to take the play dough off the fork, but that's okay for this activity.

Sunshine is always wanting to do what her siblings are doing, even if she's technically not Montessori preschool age. 

I try to design her activities to promote the development of fine and gross motor skills as well as sensory integration. These can be great activities for little ones in occupational therapy.

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Simple, Kid Friendly, Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Countdown

Every year we have a Christmas Countdown, with bags filled with toys and candy. 

This year we're adding Random Acts of Christmas Kindness that everyone in the family can help with, including our youngest children.

Our simple, kid friendly, Random Acts of Christmas Countdown is for everyone and only requires about $10-$20 for materials that you may not have on hand.  

There is no worrying about spending money you might not have.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for famlies

Our Simple, Kid Friendly, Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Countdown

1.  Hold the door for someone.

2.  Write and decorate a surprise driveway/lawn message for a friend or neighbor, using chalk if there is no snow, and colored water sprays if there is snow.

3.  Clean up someone's front yard, or shovel for them if there is snow.

4.  Make treats and thank you notes for local firemen and deliver.

5.  Make treats and thank you notes for local policemen and deliver.

6.  Write a note or draw a picture for a friend telling them or showing them why they are special and send it.

7.  Make treats and card(s) for local librarian(s).  Deliver.

8.  Make a meal for a family in need.  Deliver it.

9.  Sort through and donate gently used, unwanted toys to a local charity organization or a family in need.

10.  Call a cousin, aunt, uncle, or grandparent to say hello and tell them that you love them.

11.  Make treats and card for mail person and leave it for them to pick up when they deliver mail.

12.  Go on a scavenger hunt in your home for loose change.  Take it and deliver it to a Salvation Army bell ringer.

13.  Mail a letter to a soldier or veteran.

14.  Smile at and give a compliment to someone you don't know.

15.  Let someone go before you in line at the store or other place.

16.  Pray for someone specific you know in need, during every prayer of the day.

17.  Donate gently used, unwanted books to a local doctor's office.

18.  Pick up someone else's toys for him/her and put them away.

19.  Arrange a play date/babysitting opportunity for someone, so another set of parents can spend some time by themselves.

20.  Donate gently used, unwanted clothes to a local charity organization or someone in need.

21.  Make and/or write a Thank You card for someone who has helped you.  Send it.

22.  Donate gently used, unwanted shoes to a local charity organization or someone in need.

23.  Make treats and thank you notes for local pharmacy workers and deliver.

24.  Make a BIG (clearly visible) thank you note for your local garbage collectors for the next time they come.  If you can catch them when they come, hand deliver treats to them.

 Our Random Acts of Christmas went so well this year we're excited to continue this new tradition next year.  We'd love to have you join us!

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